Vision 2040 Master Plan

DSC_0381RDU is nearing the end of a 18-month master planning process that will shape the direction of the airport for the next 25 years. Below, find blogs from throughout the process. Learn more about Vision 2040.

Vision 2040: We’re Listening to Your Feedback

The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority held public workshops on June 1 and 2 to share updates on our master planning process, Vision 2040. We are very appreciative of everyone who attended the workshops in Raleigh and Durham. Continue reading

We Want to Hear From You!

Through our ongoing Vision2040 Master Plan process, we are committed to receiving feedback from the public – both at our public meetings and via our website.

Recently, we received questions and comments around the “why and how” of the master planning process, and inquiries related to future land development. Continue reading

You’re Invited To See  And Shape RDU’s Future

We invite you to join us for our third set of public workshops to be held in June to learn the progress we’ve made on our Vision2040 Master Plan that will guide RDU’s development for the next 25 years. Continue reading

Master Plan Update: Planning for Growth

We just wrapped up the second Public Workshops for Vision2040, our Master Plan process.

We were thankful for everyone who joined us for these events in Raleigh and Durham and had some great conversations with everyone who attended. Continue reading

You’re Invited: Public Workshops in January

It’s hard to believe that we have reached 2016! It’s even harder to believe that we’ve already completed one-third of Vision2040, our Master Planning process.

We have had great feedback and conversations with our community throughout this entire process and thank everyone who has provided input to date.  But, it’s not over yet .Continue reading

Master Plan Update: Who are the PAC and TAC?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been just over three months since we kicked off our Vision2040 Master Plan process.

One of the more common questions we have received during this period is, “Who are the PAC and TAC?” Continue reading

Vision 2040 – A Glimpse Into the First Public Workshops

Monday, June 29 we will hold our first Vision2040 public meeting in Durham. We will hold an identical one the following day in Raleigh.

Over the next 18 months, we’ll take a focused look at the airport’s infrastructure and facilities in comparison to those required to serve future demand. .Continue reading

An Exciting Time at RDU

This is a great time to be involved with Raleigh-Durham International Airport.Our 15-year major construction period is complete. The terminals are bustling with increased passenger numbers and new flight announcements. And, we’ve just launched Vision 2040, our master plan study.

Continue reading

Vision 2040: Determining the Future of RDU

On June 1, the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority will kick off Vision 2040, our master planning program that will chart the airport’s future development over the next 25 years.

With the completion of Terminal 1 just last year, the Airport Authority completed a 15-year, nearly $1B construction period. During this time, we built a new parking garage, general aviation complex and Terminal 2 in addition to the Terminal 1 renovation.Continue reading