Zakk Wylde says he’s using online tutorials to learn guitar parts for Pantera tour

Zach Wilde revealed that in preparation for his upcoming tour with Pantera, he’s been using online lessons to learn the band’s guitar parts.

Wilde, who elsewhere leads the Black Label Society, was announced as Pantera’s new guitarist in July. He serves as a replacement for original bandmate Dimebag Darrell, who was murdered on stage in 2004. Following the death of drummer Vinnie Paul in 2018, Pantera has been on hiatus for four years.

In July, Wilde—along with anthrax drummer Charlie Benanti—joined the remaining Pantera members, Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo, to form a new lineup. In preparation for their return tour – which kicks off in Mexico next month – Wylde admitted to learning some Dimebag guitar sequences by watching tutorial videos online.

Appearing in an episode of Ola Englund’s web series Sunday with OlaWilde said that when he “stumbles” on a particular countryside, he “just does it [search]’How do I play’, and I’m going to go to YouTube and see all these other great guys playing stuff.” Wilde also revealed that Anselmo sent him his playlist for the tour earlier this year, noting that he had been preparing the songs on it using guitars that Dimebag had gifted him .

Elsewhere in the interview, Wilde talked about specific Pantera songs he was preparing for, referring to titles such as Goddamn Electric, Walk, Cowboys From Hell, and A New Level. Wilde also said he’s been in talks to join Pantera for years, and agreed to form the band’s touring group “to honor the dime.”

Last month, Wilde detailed his role on Pantera’s upcoming tour, revealing in an interview with guitar world that while he intends to “be as faithful to what Dime has done”, audiences should not expect a carbon copy of the original guitarist’s style. “No matter what I do, he’s going to look like me,” Wilde said. “I can practice whatever I want and stay as faithful as I want, but I’ll never get away with it.”

After two shows in Mexico early next month, Pantera will participate in the three editions of Knotfest in Colombia, Chile and Brazil, before a series of shows in Germany, Sweden and Norway in June next year.

In September of this year, Wilde contributed to the Ozzy Osbourne song Nothing Feels Right, which was lifted from Osbourne’s 2022 album ‘Patient Number 9’ and marked Wylde’s debut on Ozzy’s record since 2007.