Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All Ferronis Hulk Locations

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  • What do you do at Ferronis Hulks?

There are no achievements to be earned to reactivate all files Verones Hulks in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. However, it unlocks new locations for fast travel, essential for those trying to complete the side quest: Nopon Register. There are two structures in four regions, for a total of eight Ferronis Hulks in-game structures.

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The first Ferronis Hulk was unlocked during the second chapter in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 The remaining seven can be found through exploration. Reactivating the Ferronis Hulk costs a set amount of ether, and using its manufacturers costs gold. As most people would expect, the area with the most powerful enemies means that the Ferronis Hulk is more difficult to “unlock”.

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What do you do at Ferronis Hulks?

Ferronis Hulks aren’t just places for quick travel. They have the same functions as the camp, barracks and canteen. This means that characters can discuss, cook, craft gems, train, clean, and save in their game. Activating Hulks unlocks a Nopon Trader, where players can buy accessories or sell items. Be sure to talk to a Nopon to get a colored stone for the Nopon Register quest.

If this is the first time the player opens a Ferronis Hulk, he can loot nearby containers. These usually contain Nobun (silver) coins and rare collectible items. There is also a Fabricator, which will create multiple items at once for a price. Each plant has a different cost as the first Ferronis Hulk is 300, and the other is 1500. They may not be useful in beginning classes, but builders are a quick way to collect items for some standard missions, like the Tau-Tirkin Alliance.

Aetia . region

The first Ferronis Hulk is Hillside Hulk, which unlocks during the main story and serves as an educational guide for the Hulks and Ether channels. Thus, it is impossible to miss this one. The other Ferronis Hulk in the Aetia region is Battleskar Hulk, which is far north of the starting level. More specifically, this is the area where Noah, Euny, and Lannes fight against Agnus’ forces in the opening scene. Players won’t be able to return to this area until they reach Chapter 3, but Battlescar Hulk is surrounded by level 60 monsters. Meaning it may take some time for this structure to be reactivated.

Battleskar Hulk
Reactivation cost 30 ether
Manufacturer cost 1800 gold

Furness area

Furness area has Tableland Structure and the desert structure.

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  • The Tableland Structure It is located to the far left saffron tree teacher. Fortunately, the Saffronia Tree is part of the main story, so if players continue west, they’ll eventually stumble upon the Tableland Hulk. Enemies are around this structure at level 22, so players should have no problem unlocking this.
  • The desert structure To the east in the Dinagh desert. The nearest teacher is raptor perchHowever, players will need the ability to walk on Scree’s in order to reach the desert. This ability can be unlocked by doing the hero’s mission: go beyond the force. The enemies here are around level 35, so be sure to level up after getting the free walking skill.

Ferronis Hulk . name Tableland Structure desert structure
Reactivation cost 10 ether 20 ether
Manufacturer cost 600 gold 1100 gold

Pentelas District

Pentelas area has cascade And the clifftop the structure. In order to access those, players will first need to unlock the Colony Iota, which can be done by doing the main quest. Once they are given the green light to explore, they can search for the Cascade Hulk first.

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  • The cascade structure It can be accessed with Valdi’s Skill: Wall Climbing. Unlocks by performing the hero’s mission: the tender right hand. Players must climb purple vines north of Ferronis in Colony Iota. Instead, players can quickly travel to Underground tank exhaust Head north towards the climbable wall.
    • Players will have to fight the Umber Drague to advance in the story, and then they can continue east. Swimming across the water to Titan Rock Camp (essential to the main story), continued Northeast to find the cascade structure. It is surrounded by water enemies (level 34), some elite enemies, so try to fight them one by one.
  • The clifftop chassis to the north of Ingardo Pass Camp. Players will unlock this camp if they continue the main mission. Here, they will have to fight Silvercoat Ethel and Cammuravi. Defeat them and continue north.
    • Look to the left, and there must be a unique enemy (Sherett is trapped). Interact with the board to open the “curtains” and fight the unique enemy, or escape from them. Continue down the road and players will see soldiers of the 45th level of Agnus. Some are inevitable and necessary to fight, so make sure to be around Level 47-50. At the end of this path is another unique enemy (Bushwhacker Farritt), which is stronger than the first. hug the left wall to avoid it.
    • Once the players succeed, they must head out Northeast to find the clifftop chassis. The enemies here are at level 50, so the Clifftop Hulk will likely not be reactivated for a while. However, if you are feeling brave, try to pick the combinations one by one. Chances are if players get past the unique enemies (Agnus), they should be ready for the Clifftop Hulk.

Ferronis Hulk . name cascade structure clifftop chassis
Reactivation cost 15 Ether 25 ether
Manufacturer cost 900 gold 1500 gold

Cadencia region

The last area with Ferronis Hulks is the Cadensia area. This is unlocked in Chapter 5, and after players receive the Frontier Ship. Fortunately, enemies won’t attack while sailing, so feel free to drive right past them if they’re on their way. In the Cadencia region, there I take over And the sandbar the structure. The closest one from Swordmarch is Atoll hulkSo head over to this first.

  • The Atoll hulk It can be reached by heading north, slightly past the mission sign for Beacons Castle. Head a little northwest from there to find the Atoll Hulk.
    • If players lose it, the Atoll Hulk can be found north subordinate Pioneers Entrance And the South subordinate Doublecrag بوابة portal well-known teacher Defeat level 46 enemies, and the Ferronis Hulk will be ready to reactivate.
  • The sandbar hull Requires Scree walking ability. Sandbar is north subordinate Thorpine port/relay base Landmark, which players will need to visit in order to progress in the main story.
    • Be careful that the enemies surrounding Sandbar Hulk at level 63-64 with a lot of elite monsters.
    • Players will also Want to be careful of digging sand. Falling into one of them near the structure will cause players to fall into a spider pit with level 64 unique enemy (Abysmal Rakshmi) and level 62-64 monsters. Fast travel to . is recommended The remains of the second column (Unlocks when approaching the Sandbar) If players accidentally end up in the nest.

Ferronis Hulk . name Atoll hulk sandbar hull
Reactivation cost 25 ether 30 ether
Manufacturer cost 1400 gold 2000 gold

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Available for Nintendo Switch.

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