Wireless speaker with LED lighting

With the Sony SRS-XV900, the manufacturer has introduced a new wireless party speaker that has tremendous power and stylish LED lighting. It wants to record with a powerful battery and exciting karaoke and DJ functions, but it also has its price.

Sony SRS-XV900 in detail

According to the manufacturer, the new Sony SRS-XV900 represents the loudest and most powerful wireless speaker of its own line to date. In terms of size, but also performance, it aims to significantly outperform, for example, the XG300, XE300 and XE200 models introduced in June.

The 4-way bass reflex tweeter combines a 120mm mid-range driver and six 50mm high frequency tweeters in the front, 40mm woofers on the side, a 320mm woofer in the rear for room-filling, directional party woofers .

Thanks to its rectangular diaphragms, the X-Balances speaker unit is said to deliver clearer and deeper sound, even at maximum volume, while the ClearAudio+ mode is said to make the sound stage clearer.

The speaker measures 26.6kg at a total of 410mm x 880mm x 439mm (W x H x D), but can be moved from A to B quickly and easily thanks to the handy transport handle and wheels.

Sony SRS-XV900
Photo: Sony

Wirelessly, the party’s speaker connects via Bluetooth 5.2 and thus is said to offer a range of up to 30 metres. In addition to the SBC and AAC codecs, it also supports Sony’s high-resolution LDAC codec, which, for example, Linkbuds S (our review) can also handle. The displayed frequency range is between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz.

Optionally, however, various audio sources can also be connected via a stereo mini jack, USB-A or optical input, while microphones or guitars can be connected via the 6.3mm input. This unlocks additional karaoke and DJ functions, as both inputs can also be separately adjusted in terms of volume.

Runtime up to 25 hours

The Sony SRS-XV900 also has an integrated battery that can play music for up to 25 hours, according to the manufacturer. Thanks to the quick charge function, 10 minutes on mains is also enough to make the speaker fit again for 3 hours of music playing. A battery maintenance function is also introduced, which is supposed to protect against overcharging.

The speaker can be operated either via the smartphone app or via the touch screen on top of the speaker. Here, for example, modes, settings and lighting can be adjusted.

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Thanks to Party Connect, the XV900 can be connected to up to 100 compatible speakers, while music and lighting are synchronized simultaneously. Indirect LED lighting also creates the atmosphere of the party, as colorful ambient light emits in all directions – and even matches the music being played.

Price and availability

The Sony SRS-XV900 concert speaker is expected to make its way to retail stores in October 2022 in black at a recommended retail price of €1,199. You can find more details on Sony’s Poduct website.