Wildfrost’s cute art disguises a deckbuilder that’s cold as ice

Wild Frost (Opens in a new tab), a strategy card game from independent publisher Chucklefish, somehow escalates from beginner-friendly to unforgiving in a matter of minutes. I’ve never had Hearthstone or Magic Gathering Stage, but it’s hard for me to believe that even an experienced professional could plow through these piles of hateful snowmen and witches with ease.

The roguelike deck-building game world of Chucklefish (yes, another one) has been overrun by “wildfrost,” a climatic disease that has blanketed the world in ice. It is up to the player to fight the hordes of enemies until they reach the Temple of the Sun, where it is assumed that they will be able to put an end to this eternal winter. Between rounds, you can strengthen your commanders, recruit companions, and build Snowwell Town.