Why Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Players Shouldn’t Evolve Lechonk

Fan favorite Lechonk from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is best left unchanged due to the disappointing nature of its evolution, Oink Cologne.

One of the first new creatures from Pokemon scarlet and violet To capture the hearts of fans was the piggy Pokémon, Leshunk. This adorable little pig has been the source of many discussions and memes circulated by the community prior to the release of the new Gen 9 games. Many fans were eager to dive in Pokemon scarlet and violet To catch and evolve Lechonk to see if his evolution has preserved his cute charm. Unfortunately, the evolution of Lechonk – Oink Cologne – doesn’t live up to previous figure combinations, leaving many fans wishing they’d kept it as it was.

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Lechonk is a normal type and is the first most players are likely to pick up during a Nemona tutorial early in the game. Players who keep Lechonk on their team long enough will see him evolve at level 18 into Oink Cologne, with two different forms depending on his gender. Despite having two different looks, neither retains the charm of Lechonk’s rounded design and instead opts for a grittier teen look than the adorable pig he once was. Players who want to avoid this change can have Lechonk grab the Everstone to prevent it from evolving or simply press the “B” button during the evolution animation to stop it.

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Oencolonia’s stats don’t make up for her looks

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan make a crochet version of Lechonk

As a regular-type Pokemon, Lechonk is not the strongest option available to trainers. However, she still has some early game benefits since her normal typing leaves her with only a weakness to fighting types and an immunity to ghost types. Oink Cologne, on the other hand, is heavily outmatched by other terminal-stage Pokémon that can be accessed later in the game to remain relevant to the Trainer’s team for a very long time. Although it has a decent total base stat of 498, Oink Cologne doesn’t offer enough of an edge for coaches to use over other regulars available.

Mons like Blissey and Cyclizar offer stronger stat totals and a wide range of strategies to draw from; Cyclizar which has additional Dragon typing makes it a much better choice. Female Oink Cologne may have some benefit thanks to the ability of Aroma Veil, which prevents her from being affected by movement-limiting attacks like Torment or Encore. While it is unique as the only Pokemon that has the ability in it Pokemon scarlet and violet Restricted to a particular genus, it is not sufficient to guarantee use on any other normal species or even Lechonk itself.

Lechonk is more gentle and worth using in the early game

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Despite having half the total base stats for his evolution, Lechonk can be very useful in the first few hours of his game. Pokemon scarlet and violet. As a player who only has a weakness for fighting types, it can help make up for poor matches a starting player might have against opponents early in the game. The battle just before entering Mesagoza that sees players facing off against Nemona and Terastallized Pawmi can prove challenging for those who chose Quaxly as their starter, so using Lechonk here to avoid Quaxly’s vulnerability to Electric-type attacks can be a solid strategy.

Lechonk is the cutest and most useful version of its evolutionary line. It’s unlikely that Lechonk or Oink Cologne will find a place in the ultimate team for most players, so it’s very worthwhile to keep Lechonk in basic form and make use of him during the early parts of the game where he can be of some use. It’s a shame that one of the finest Pokémon in Gen 9 has such a disappointing evolution, but Lechonk fans always have the option to keep it in its base form and keep it cute.

Pokemon scarlet and violet Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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