What’s The One Game You Keep Replaying?

For the last community post of the year, I have a question for you that actually came from a look at my Steam Replay, which reminded me of a game that I’ve been able to replay about once a year since it came out on several different platforms.

In a way, this question is somewhat related to our last community post where we asked it What game do you want to erase from your memory?. With these games, one can have the desire to play a game and experience the feeling of playing for the first time all over again.

However, when it comes to this question, we take a look at the games that we don’t need to erase from our memory in order to enjoy them again. It’s games like this that feel so satisfying every time we play it again, maybe even open our eyes to something new every time we come back.

This also doesn’t include the live service games, which always have something new literally every time we come back. No, no, that’s too easy.

For me, this must be the game Gate 2. I’ve been replaying this game in both single player mode and co-op over and over since I got it on my Xbox 360 back in the day.

Gate 2 Wonderful in many ways. Not only is it a worthy successor to the famous first game, but it also builds on all the great mechanics and narrative ideas introduced in the original game. outlet.

GLADoS returns as an unlikely ally, one of the best characters in video games is introduced by Wheatley (lovingly voiced by the immensely talented Stephen Merchant), and we hear more from JK Simmons’ Cave Johnson (who’s always up for it). It’s a stack of greats.

Furthermore, we delve further into the depths of Aperture’s Science Enrichment Center, discovering more creations from the ethically gray company. Then there’s the co-op mode, which builds on the game’s narrative further while allowing players to take on the roles of Atlas and P-Body to complete more tests together (or squander each other).

There’s a good chance I’ll play it again next year, and that chance is even greater now that it’s available on Nintendo Switch. I just love Gate 2 Very strange.

As usual, I also searched for some answers on Twitter. First, we got to hear from the holiday editor himself:

And with that, let’s see what everyone else had to say:

Now it’s your turn! For the last time in 2022, we’d like to ask you a question. What is the one game you find yourself constantly restarting? Not a straightforward service game, but a one-time run game that you can’t seem to stop restarting?