What New Landscape Photographers Should Focus On

When you’re new to landscape photography, there’s a lot to learn: camera settings, forecasting and planning about conditions, light reading, and more. There is one skill above all else, and this great video tutorial shows why it’s number one on your list when you’re learning the genre.

Coming to you from Henry Turner, this excellent video tutorial discusses the importance of working on your composition skills as early as possible in your landscape photography endeavors. One of the toughest challenges of landscape photography is that you don’t have control over the placement of items in the scene, which makes composition a particularly delicate and difficult skill to get down. However, while understanding things like post-processing, camera settings, and the like is important, it’s the artistic treatment of composition and light that takes a shot and turns it into a way of looking at the world that a non-photographer could never have imagined. The more you can master it, the better. Check out the video above for a full summary from Turner.

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