What Is Futsal? We Learn About The Fields Coming To Scissortail Park

When Lower Scissortail Park opens Friday, there will be basketball, soccer, and pickleball fields open to the public. Also, something new for some of us: There is a futsal field.

But what is it and how do you play it? Colby Thelen of News 9 got a tutorial from OKC Energy’s Technical Director.

Take a ride across the SkyDance Bridge and you’ll be the first stadium you’ll find: Futsal.

Not familiar with the game? Just ask FC Energy coach Lee Wiedemann who has spent 34 years in the football world.

“It’s pretty much the same game, you have a fence, smaller teams and a heavier ball,” he explained.

Heavier ball stays on the floor and inside walls.

“With the walls we have here the ball tends to stay in the bounds a lot so there is a lot of reaction.”

Even with a regular ball, it’s easy to feel the speed. For people who play football, it is also a training tool or a way to improve your career.

“That’s because it’s really tight. So, you… when you’re in a smaller space, you have less time and less space, so you have to react a lot faster. Your touch has to be close, or you have to make a decision very quickly.”

And the end is near the lower garden.

“I mean oh my gosh, it’s beautiful. It’s the best view in the whole city.” exclaimed Kimberly Jamalski, events manager for Scissortail Park. For her, this opinion has been in the works for 10 years.

“It gives something new, modern and different, and you can’t see that many sports complexes in urban areas,” she said.

Differentiate between the upper and lower half.

“We really wanted to make sure we had a diverse mix of activities for the lower garden,” Jamalsky said.

Diversify not only through futsal, but also through the game of basketball. The sport you learn and compete in. Open any one from 7am to 11pm.

“We love that this is new to the community, and new to Scisortel Park. It gives people another chance to interact with the community and use this space as they see fit.”

An opportunity for those who play games and who teach them.

Do you notice a difference in the players who play futsal when they go out to the football field?

“You can see an instant difference,” Wiedemann replied when asked if he notices a difference in futsal players when they get off the soccer field. “The main difference you see is their creativity.”

Inside and outside the walls.

“You learn life skills through the game. You learn to manage conflict and you learn to manage your emotions. Not only does it teach football, it teaches life skills as well. That’s what these environments are all about”