Victoria Royals staff help U-17 athletes balance sport and academics – Victoria Royals

The World Under-17 Hockey Challenge kicks off today as seven teams battle for the gold medal with matches set to take place at Sungod Arena and Langley Events Center

While hockey fans cheer for their favorite teams, two of our dedicated Victoria Royals will ensure that Team Canada athletes strive for excellence both on and off the ring.

Tammy and Nick Renyard have been selected on behalf of Hockey Canada to support the Under-17 athletes competing in the 2022 World Under-17 Hockey Challenge. Renyards will ensure that players are supported by structured study time for the duration of both the pre-tournament schedule and the tournament schedule.

Tammy supports the athletes as an educational consultant while Nick works as a Player Development and Special Projects Coach For Victoria Royals. Together, the Reynards spent many years with the Royal Family, helping young athletes perform at their best, in a sport that pushes athletes to their physical and mental limits.

Tami, as an educational advisor to the royal family, says this resource “supports players in being student-athletes. It prioritizes education from a structural level so that players have time to take care of the school.”

In order for these educational sessions to function effectively, each player was required to bring enough academic materials covering the time they would miss while attending the tournament. Tammy and Nick are in touch too With them Home clubs and schools as required. On days when Canadian teams are not playing, each athlete will be assigned a two-hour study period.

With three Canadian teams competing in this year’s championship, the Renyards are set to have a busy week ahead as they support 66 Canadian athletes to academic success while on the road.

The Renyards says the hard work they put in is well worth it, considering that resources like this are designed to support young athletes.

“A lot of these players think they’re going to be the next NHL stars so we really are Strengthen They still need to take care of their studies. Whatever it is, you need an education, you need your high school and the chance to go to university after that. “I think that’s a really good first step,” says Nick Renyard.