Universities from US, Australia, Europe offer education and more

Students speak with university representatives present at the DYPIS Career Fair 2022 | Salman Ansari

Mumbai: In an effort to encourage students of all age groups to study abroad, DY Patil International School, Worli hosted the DYPIS Career Fair 2022 in Mumbai.

More than 40 universities from countries such as the US, UK, Australia, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, France, etc., have made their way to the city in order to showcase what they have to offer in terms of academics, extracurricular activities, employment opportunities, and much more.

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Non-English speaking European countries look to India

With study fairs being popular due to the ever-increasing demand for international education, some institutions are doing things out of the norm. “We offer students a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program compared to the three-year courses offered at the same time. We also provide options for students, including business management and global business, and give them the opportunity to study at Edhec Business School, UCLA Extension, and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore.” Business School, a second-class school based in France. “Edhec is among the top 5 majors in finance, while it was not. 1 in the BBA in France. We have about 200 Indian students arriving on campus every year and the numbers are only expected to increase,” Gaekwad added.

Other institutes such as Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, also known as NABA, is a private academy of fine arts in one of the major fashion capitals of the world, Milan. With the growing interest in style and fashion spread across India, the institute aims to make the most of the momentum by translating the interest into a lifestyle. India itself has a culture of design and art that has been a part of the country’s history for centuries. With courses like Fashion, Design and Graphic Design, students will get the best of both worlds as they can understand Italian culture as well,” said the recruiting officer, representing NABA in India, who added that nearly 500 Indian students study at the institute.

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American institutions aim to maintain their position as international education leaders

While universities from France and Italy have been increasingly popular among Indian students with their programs in business and fashion respectively, the world-leading institutions of international education in the USA have not been far behind in their student-attracting institutions. “The interest in admission to US universities has not diminished due to the fact that it offers multiple opportunities in the fields of science, technology, mathematics, astronomy, etc. Our university has also been involved in projects supported by NASA which makes it very unique,” ​​said Aporva Salvi, Regional Director for Global Employment, South Asia. The University of Arizona, “to study here and benefit from the facilities.” The University of Arizona, a public land-grant research university, is part of the prestigious Association of American Universities and the Universities Research Consortium.

Image source: Salman Ansari

Other preferred banks in UK and Australia regarding employment opportunities and facilities

Representatives from other Anglophone countries, Australia, and the United Kingdom are also benefiting from renewed interest in post-Covid India. Down Under, the introduction of after-study work rights for international students for two years has many Indian students looking forward to the largest country in Oceania. “The growing economic relationship between India and Australia has definitely pushed us into the market to be a primary study destination for Indian students. With the number of students from China dwindling after Covid, India is becoming a privileged country. Australian Department of Education announcement of increased post-study work rights from two to four years for selected bachelor’s degrees; three to five years for master’s degree selection; and Ritu Kadian, Country Officer (India), University of Melbourne, who also mentioned that the institution ranks eighth in recruitment.

The University of Essex in the UK, one of the country’s original glass universities which refers to a group of universities in the UK created or upgraded to university status in the 1960s, also appealed to its students in various aspects, including restaurants, arcades, and cinema halls located on campus. “We have over 21 academic departments, which include psychology, acting schools, etc. We provide our students with in-house counseling facilities because they feel homesick. We have a Marshall on campus to provide them with a safe environment,” said Priya Gidwani, Employment Adviser, University of Essex : “The labs are open to everyone 24/7 which is a relief when you are working on your research.” Gidwani further suggested that the students take advantage of accommodation on campus where they will be able to take advantage of most of the services which would have cost them much more as international students With the death of Queen Elizabeth and the UK on hold, Gidwani said the university is celebrating a period of mourning with the rest of the country, while also following protocols regarding public holidays.

Image source: Salman Ansari

Universities from out-of-the-box programs to attract students

Not all universities can claim to be the first chartered institution under an act of the US Congress, which Ohio University in Athens, Ohio can do. Ohio University is an example of what makes the United States, the most popular study destination for students around the world. In a long list of such institutions, Ohio University also ranks itself among the Tier 1 research institutions in the United States. We offer over 250 programs, with hesitant students also getting a chance to enroll in the university,” said the India representative at Ohio University, who added that the institution has also offered an honors education program that gives prospective students a chance to interact with faculty about their program options. Students who will benefit from the program can also benefit from up to $20,000 in associated scholarships.The representative added, “We recently accepted our first Indian student in December 2021, which shows that we are moving towards a diverse campus, And the lower cost of living compared to the rest of the United States definitely helps.”

Dr.. Ajinkia Patel

With 400-500 students attending the DYPIS Career Fair 2022, Dr. Ajeenkya DY Patil, President, noted that Indian students are increasingly looking to gain global job skills and exposure before starting their career journey which is why DYPIS aims to bring the world globally . Recognized high quality education that provides local and international institutes under one roof.

DY Patil International, Worli Career Fair 2022

IBDP Students from DY Patil International School, Worley moderated a panel discussion titled “India as a Rising Superpower” which featured Dr. Ajeenkya DY Patil (President of DY Patil Group, Chancellor of Ajeenkya DY Patil University, and Pro-Chancellor of Dr. DY Patil University), Dr. Pratibha Jain (Founder of Eduabroad Consulting), Dr. Awanti Golwilkar-Mehendale (Founder of AG Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Arun Tiwari (President of IndusInd Bank Ltd.) and Mr. Sandeep Ghosh (Country Group Director – India and South Asia, Visa). Speakers talked about how digitalization has created more jobs and helped the country’s economy thrive, thus paving its way to becoming an emerging superpower, among other things.

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