Twitter saves toilet paper and cleaning costs after acquisition, pays no rent

By now, everyone should have noticed that things have changed since Elon Musk took over Twitter. According to a report, the billionaire has now implemented more drastic cost-cutting measures over Christmas, and employees had to bring their own toilet paper.

Twitter saves toilet paper, and doesn’t pay rent

Elon Musk is implementing aggressive cost-cutting measures at Twitter. As The New York Times reports, employees have even had to bring their own toilet paper into the office since Christmas 2022, when Musk no longer gives it away for free.

The cleaning staff at Twitter’s New York office will also be fired accordingly – accordingly, the office and sanitary rooms should now look but also, report to the staff. It is also possible that one of the two offices in New York could be closed completely.

In the office in Seattle and at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, Twitter reportedly no longer pays rent. The Seattle office was reportedly on the verge of closing.

“Why don’t you stay home?”

Platforms Editor Zoe Schaefer also reported on Twitter with an internal email in which she was urging Seattle employees to work from home. Interestingly, since Musk first at Tesla, and then at Twitter as well, has turned down home offices and reportedly threatened layoffs.

in addition to, chevre Reports indicate that Twitter plans to close its Sacramento data center and downsize another in Atlanta in early January 2023 to cut costs. Musk himself tweeted on December 24, 2022, about shutting down one of the most sensitive server racks.

Thus, Twitter’s cost-cutting measures are slowly taking absurd forms. Especially since, after all, on Dec. 19, Twitter users called for Musk’s resignation in a vote. On December 27, the data leak was confirmed, which reportedly affected sensitive information from around 400 million accounts.