Tour explores ghosts and ghouls of Jekyll history

October 25 — Jekyll Island’s history has plenty of sparkle and brilliance from its astonishing era, when some of America’s most famous and wealthy families flocked to the island for their winter holidays.

As the sun sets in the island’s historic district, where visitors to the island were once befuddled, stories can turn scary.

An event in Jekyll called the “Gilded Age Ghosts and Ghouls” tour provides visitors with a chance to delve a bit into the potentially supernatural side of the island’s history.

“Stories shared on this tour focus on employees’ experiences with the supernatural or the unexplained,” said Tom Alexander, director of historical resources for the Jekyll Island Authority. “My favorite story is that of a guest who had a wonderful time visiting with the costumed tour guide in an upstairs room in one of the Million Cottages. The guest was shocked to learn that we didn’t have any costumed tour guides at the time. Who spoke with guest? “

The tour, which begins at the Mosaic Museum, is based on history and tells ghost stories about former members and people of the Jekyll Island Club era on the island at the time.

“It’s a unique experience because it explores the vibrant experiences in Jekyll history in a family-friendly way,” Alexander said.

Participants will learn about the traditions of the Gilded Age of All Saints Eve in the mosaic. They then travel by carriage to one of the island’s historic homes to hear about the paranormal experiences of current employees working in the historic district.

The tour ends with a club-era visit, and tour participants will hear some harrowing tales of the island.

Three days left of the tours. Tours will be offered at 7 PM, 7:30 PM, and 8 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, and Halloween on Mondays. An additional tour will be offered at 8:30 PM on Saturday and Monday. To get tickets, visit