TikTok Influencer Megha Thakur Dies at 21, Followers Pay Tribute

  • TikTok influencer Megha Thakur passed away on Thanksgiving Day, according to a statement from her parents.
  • Thakur was a body positive influencer who encouraged followers to “believe” in her videos.
  • TikTokers post tributes to the influencer, saying they are “inspired” by their content.

TikTokers is making a video tribute to Megha Thakur, the body positive influencer who passed 942,000 followers on Thanksgiving Day, according to a statement from her parents.

On November 29, Thakur’s parents announced on her Instagram account that the influencer passed away “suddenly and unexpectedly” on November 24. Thakur’s parents did not reveal the cause of her death in their statement, but said they believed Thakur wanted them to inform her fans. from the news.

“Megha was a confident and independent young woman. We will miss her terribly. She loved her fans and wanted you to know that she passed away,” the statement read.

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A number of high-profile lifestyle influencers commented messages of support directed at the Thakur family below the Instagram post. TikTok makeup artist Stephanie Valentine, who has 1.7 million followers, wrote, “Dear Mega, this is so devastating. Sending so much love to your family. I am so saddened by the loss of a creative genius.”

On TikTok, users who said they’d seen Thakur’s content posted tributes to the influencer, who passed away four months after her 21st birthday.

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Some users filmed their immediate reaction to hearing the news of her death.

“I literally just got out of the shower and I’m scrolling on Instagram and I see this,” said one user, who then shared a screenshot of Thakur’s parents’ statement in her video. “I’m still in shock,” she added.

“Sending mad love to her family, good energy and healing energy she was only 21,” reads a caption below the post, which has garnered 1.1 million views.

Other users talked about how Thakur’s content inspired them and shared what they will remember most about her online presence.

“She was just one of those rare influencers who would light up the room with her sunny personality and self-confidence. It was so sad that she was so young, and the world desperately needed more people like her to brighten up the darkness.” said one user in a video that garnered 300,000 likes. Watching “all this horrible news that we’ve been watching every single day”.

“Her legacy and influence in inspiring girls and women around the world to achieve a positive body image will always be remembered,” the user added.

Another user, who garnered more than 34,000 likes in her tribute video, said she admired Thakur because “she was so brave and always did her best to feel good in her own skin,” adding, “She was so much younger than me but I have to tell you I was Inspiration “.

According to the bio on Thakur’s TikTok account, the influencer was based in New York City and Toronto, Canada. Her TikTok content has usually centered around sharing beauty and lifestyle tips with her followers, encouraging them to “be confident” in themselves.

One of Thakur’s most viral videos last year, which has garnered 58 million views, has been called #bodypositivity, and showed the influencer trying out a twerking dance routine, while an onscreen caption in the post suggested that a person’s body shape shouldn’t stop. them to try to dance. While other non-black influencers and celebrities have faced criticism for posting dance videos involving twerking—a dance move that has its roots in the New Orleans “bounce” music scene of the 1990s—Thakur’s video has been widely received.

“It’s not about what’s here, it’s about what’s going on here,” Thakur said, pointing to her brain in a follow-up video tutorial published in October 2021, adding: “Go watch my other videos to increase your confidence because that’s key to maximizing your potential.” of the jig.”

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