Thymesia: How To Defeat Varg

Thymesia is an RPG set in a gothic world afflicted by a terrible plague. Levels in Thymesia are memories from Corvus that must be experienced in order to be remembered. Farge first appears as the boss in the tutorial you’re supposed to lose to start the game. Later in the game, you’ll be playing again with Varg which is a long time coming. Since the Varg’s set of moves is the same in every fight, this guide applies to fighting tutorial apart from some of the strategies available.

Blank combat is a dance that requires dribbling or telegraphing his attacks to keep up with his aggressiveness and keeping aggressiveness to match his attack. Avoiding or attacking with a sword are all methods injury he and claw attacks Or quick plague knife jabs can keep him green without breaking aggression. Varg attacks are very telegraphic which is easy to dodge but deals a lot of damage to make up for it. He has two stages that gain attacks a little faster in the second stage.


How to reach Varg

Empty is the head Herme Castle. His fight is an excellent summit of the area, its winding stairs and locked doors. Varg first appears as the giant knight who gives you the knockout that starts the game plot but his first stage in the tutorial can be beaten to achieve an achievement.

Moveset Farge

Farge’s movement combination hits hard but is somewhat slow and telegraphed compared to the other bosses leaving plenty of time between hits to deal damage. Varg has a set of moves he can use in any order to form a group from anywhere between one attack to three attacks. He often does a combination of two attacks but can sometimes do one or three attacks instead.

  • The two-stroke combo as the blank sweeps in front of him
  • A dash to the side or back followed by a jump attack
  • Double Top Hit
  • The second stage begins with a red grab attack
  • Sword strike, sweep attack
  • Frontal sweep, slide up
  • Thick horizontal slash. This step is often a follow-up to the scanning process but sometimes it can be eliminated on its own


  • Learn Alpari timing and use the minimum level 4 Plague knife weapon. At the fourth level, the knife unlocks the ability to significantly shorten casting time if used immediately after parry. This is very effective against Varg because his attacks are spaced enough apart that you can sneak a knife stab after dodging each attack in any of his chains. The knife takes out large chunks of green health per stab, which helps to deal a lot of damage to Varg quickly as long as you avoid each attack.
  • All of his attacks hit hard, so parrying/dribbling is necessary to not get hit and lose a lot of health and pressure.
  • Since his attacks are slow and hitting hard, it’s easier to dodge because they are slower
  • Varg always does one or two attacks in a mixed group, so dodge at least one attack aids in chewing white health allowing the claw attack to continue to maintain pressure
  • Despite his armor, a blank could be quickly pricked with a constant bary pressure. His attacks are slow but kicks you out if you get hit, giving him time to heal
  • Jumping attack leaves Farge open to attacks for a while. Take advantage of the opening