Three YouTube tricks that your children do not know (or so you think)

YouTube, whether we like it or not, is a platform that our kids are madly in love with. On this platform we can find all kinds of videos, from tutorials to information of all kinds, see gameplay, cartoons, movies, series episodes and anything else that comes to mind, although it may seem strange, sometimes Not suitable for all audiences. In addition, it puts at our disposal a large number of options for Personalize our experienceTricks that our children probably do not know and will allow us to make more use of this platform.

These tricks can also help our kids get more out of YouTube, at least in the kind of content they really enjoy or want them to consume, although it’s not an easy task.

Present or rewind the video using the keyboard

Most of the users, when we want to develop a video until we get to the moment that interests us the most, we use the mouse to render or rewind the video through the timeline. Although it is a very convenient method, the best way to access the content of the videos without skipping what interests us most is to use the scroll arrows. Every time we press the arrow to the right, the video will advance 5 secondsAt the same time the video returns if we press the opposite key.

add subtitles

When we need to refer to information that is not in our language, this is unlikely given that Spanish is the third most used language in the world after Chinese and Hindi, if it was a video, we could use the function Youtube automatic translation In videos that don’t even exist. We can find this function inside the sprocket, by clicking on the translation. This feature is also ideal for people who are hard of hearing.

If the subtitle size is too small or too large, we can use the + and – keys to make it larger or smaller.

Check the video index

Videos that include some sort of tutorial usually include a table of contents at the bottom, in the video details. Through this index, we can Get to the exact moment of the video that interest us most, and skip the long introductions or steps we’re not interested in knowing. This type of index is only available if the user who uploaded the video created it, so we probably won’t find it in all videos.

Playback speed adjustment

One of the functions that very few people know about YouTube is the ability to adjust the playback speed of videos. YouTube allows us speed up or slow down From reproduction, in this way, we can more accurately enjoy details that really matter to us and that go unnoticed at normal speed. It also allows us to develop videos by double the playback speed until we get to the video point that interests us most without skipping any part. This function is available through the sprocket, under the operating speed option.

playback speed

Share your favorite moments

One of the newest features to be added to YouTube, inspired by Twitch, is the ability to create Clips up to 60 seconds And share it with other people. This function is ideal for sharing parts of a video where the most relevant information of the video we want to share is displayed. The minimum duration of YouTube videos that we can share is 15 seconds and the maximum is 60. To create a clip, you need to press the button of the clip that the clip represents and select the section and duration of the video.

YouTube clips