Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do

Since its full launch in late September 2022, Grounded has drawn players from around the world jumping into its backyard survival game. They shrink themselves so they can ride a beetle like a Shetland Pony.

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However, after hours of wandering in the backyard, there are still plenty of things veteran players can miss. From tricks that make crafting less difficult to making sure your stats stay in tip-top shape, here are a few often-overlooked tricks to make your players’ backyard journey easier.


10/10 dropping the dew

Earth - a dew drop on a piece of grass

At the beginning of the game, players will be required to get a drop of dew from a piece of grass. This is because dew drops are the best and cleanest source of water than those that can be found on Earth.

Most people will find a blade of grass on which the dewdrop is and find a place to slap the lawn with whatever is within their reach to drop the dewdrop. There is an easier way than to find the right blade of grass. Simply hit the dewdrop with a pebble or an arrow to drop it. There will be less back and forth, and you can choose the item that was tossed/launched again.

9/10 Spiderling Borders

Earthed - Spider Web Bag

Little things in the backyard give you a random gift. Almost everything is set to be in certain places or obtained in a certain way. This is where Spiderlings and their egg sacks come into play. Opening the spider egg bag will unleash some white terror on your character.

Don’t leave these bags alone though as they may contain hard-to-get stuff, you may not be able to get them yet. This includes Bombardier parts, Stink Bug gas bags, Ladybug heads, and more. There’s no guaranteed drop with every bag, but popping it could earn you a nice reward for bothering with the kids.

8/10 traps

earthed - manna trap

Going out to get food can be a time-consuming task. Whether it takes a long time in the game to get your food or you have a limited amount of real time to play, there is an easier way to fill a character’s belly.

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Traps can be made with some grass walls and clover roofs. Once the trap is built, placing a couple of mushrooms or some mushroom slurry will attract weevils and aphids with the occasional ant following them into the trap, preventing them from leaving. our end. Food, pets and even slippers delivered themselves to you.

7/10 mutate faster

Earthed - Mutation

Spikes are essential in moving forward through the more difficult parts of the backyard. Mutations that are unlocked depend on the basic requirements of the mutation, and some of them can only be done by fighting certain bosses or even eating certain items.

Fighting mutations can seem daunting. It can be hard to kill dozens or even hundreds of enemies in order to get a mutation. There is a way to get around that. Unless a mutation is associated with fighting a specific enemy, combat mutations can be unlocked by fighting any enemy. This means that players who run off and fight a pile of moths can level up faster. If there is a trap of aphids and weevils, these can also rely on attack-based mutations.

6/10 bombardment of gardens

Ground - Gnat . Planting Lamp Site

Gnats is one of the most useful resource points in the game. They can also run infrequently around the backyard, apart from nearby lanterns. There they can be found in large quantities during the early morning hours and early evening hours hovering near the lights.

Players have options when killing them for their resources, but there is a quick option later in the game. Those with access to gas stocks will have the easiest time raising mosquitoes. Shooting a gas arrow at the lights during a Gnat squadron will kill and drop them all to the ground or a platform built under it.

5/10 chest storage

Grounded Storage Box Icons

Storage is important in any survival game and even more so in those that have a crafting system. There are many quality of life improvements implemented in Grounded’s storage system architecture that many players are unaware of.

First, there is the instant deposit material system. Once players put a resource into a storage bin, they can press a button and all that item in their personal inventory will be deposited into the chest. Second, there are icons that can be assigned to chests with color options in the storage chest menu. Finally, in the same menu, players can type a tag for storage boxes to advance their organizational process.

4/10 afternoon time

Grounded - Spinning Wheel Setup

Making several different crafting benches is a good way to fill up a base as well as unlock better crafting recipes. A spinning wheel can be considered a waste to many if they are not aware of the benefits.

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When crafting any type of rope in the character inventory, it takes several pieces of raw material to make each piece made. Making a spinning wheel, or several wheels, will negate this problem. They take longer to craft an item, but require fewer resources. Spinner wheels move in a 1 to 1 ratio of material to made items.

3/10 dried out

Basis - jerky rack crafting list

Perhaps one of the most tedious materials to get is berries. They only spawn in one section of the yard, and each bead the player can break up gives a few pieces. Collecting enough of these pieces to turn into Berry Leather in your inventory can be frustrating.

Like the spinning wheel, the Jerky Rack has a way of simplifying this process. Instead of using 3 berries to make 1 Berry Leather on a crafting list, toss it on Jerky Rack. There, the berry pieces will be converted in a 1 to 1 ratio as you would the ropes in a spinning wheel.

2/10 Resource Surveyors

Earther - A resource surveyor in an outpost

Despite their interaction with them in the story, most players forget to clear the resources. After all, they haven’t been given a lot of tutorials, and the typical first interaction with one of them doesn’t tell us much other than having a momentary scene.

However, after opening a resource scanner, and after analyzing a resource, players can use any outpost to search for a specific resource they need. You may have remembered that you need more spider fangs while on the fence. Stop at the outpost, and you can see the nearest known location of this resource.

1/10 burg l . chips

Grounded - Team Burg.L stars in space as robots do

One of the best ways to get more elementary science is to complete the Burg.L. Going out and fetching some of his Burg.L chips will get you quite a bit of raw lore per chip. If you get one of these as a daily endeavor, they are well worth doing.

Players who roam around looking for other resources can naturally find these chips before Burg.L orders them. Take them even if they are not requested. You’ll still get Raw Science when delivered to a daily order, and you’ll never have to make the journey again.

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