Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting SD Gundam Battle Alliance

SD Gundam Battle . Alliance It is an excellent game for long term lovers Gundam The series as well as newcomers looking to experience an equally accessible mechanic, offer an exciting campaign based on memorable scenes from the entire series, with a basic but fun gameplay episode that allows for plenty of elegant mecha combat.

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Although SD Gundam Battle Alliance is relatively easy to learn, there are some key pieces of information that the game doesn’t tell you when you’re just starting out. If you’re looking to get the most out of your Gundam treks, here are five essential tips to improve your experience.

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Unlock new gundams and mobile suits by searching blueprints

After playing through a few missions and unlocking a few mobile suits, you might be curious about how to unlock some of the leading Gundams from the series. Mobile phone suits are unlocked by getting blueprints. Schemes are often received after completion Break missions and real missionswhich in turn will unlock new Gundams and Mobile Suits without you having to do anything else.

However, to get certain Gundams and Mobile suits, You will need to replay missions and take down specific targets, or play Chaos Missions Connected to the same stage with the opportunity to obtain the necessary blueprints. Pay attention to the post-stage screens for the obtained schemes And what remains to be obtained in order to unlock the Gundams.

Back attacks and counters are essential

Although the tutorial in the opening of the game will teach you most of the things you need to know about the basics of combat, it will not show two of the most effective ways to maximize damage to enemies: Back Attacks And the counters.

Back Attacks It is, simply put, any attack directed at the rear of an enemy target. The result box for back attacks is very wide, and you can often get back attacks Use one of your long range weapons before some enemies notice youespecially when enemies focus on a different target, such as one of your partners or a third party.

counters It is when you protect against an enemy attack at the right time, which then provides you with a large window to pursue a high-damage counterattack. Some enemies attack animations are more telegraph than others, which means that the difficulty of the counterattack will vary between encounters, but in general the counterattack will not be too difficult.

Both methods will be necessary to use in unison with your basic attacks in order to master the fight.

Increase your Gundam stats with upgrades

From the main menu, you can upgrade Gundams / Mobile Suits that you have already unlocked to increase their individual stats. The basic stats of the mobile suit you’re trying on will vary depending on whether it’s Everything is roundAnd the sniper or fighter. snipers They have a specialization in long-range attacks; the fighters They have a specialization in melee, and All Rounders A combination of the two.

Depending on your favorite Gundam class, you probably should Choose to develop weaker stats by default. However, if you’re an All-Rounder, it doesn’t matter much, and you can generally invest in stats depending on your preferred style of play.

Upgrading your stats will cost capital, currency earned through gameplay. The higher the stats, the more you’ll need to spend, and if you plan on trying different units, it’s worth noting that each mobile suit will need to be upgraded separately in this way. for this reason, It makes sense to pick a favorite early on and stick with it for a while.

Try different parts, skills, and alliance effects

As you advance in the game, you will find parts that can be equipped to suit you Mobile Cover To give negative buffs. These are dispensed to you randomly at the end of each task, and are associated with different Types of mobile suits (Everything is roundAnd the sniper And the fighter).

Up to three skills can also be equipped for your mobile suit. They are unlocked based on your Mobile Suit level, which will increase by upgrading their stats (described above). Skills provide both passive buffs and active bonus abilities at higher levels.

Before you enter the battle in breaking mission or real missionYou will also be able to select up to two partners and mobile allowances. Depending on the combination of Gundam types, your “Alliance Effect” will change, once again providing a pool of buffs for your team. As you unlock more Gundams and pilots throughout the story, you can Try a range of different combinations and find the effects that best suit your playing style.

Designed for cooperative play

As you will notice when fighting highly experienced bosses, SD Gundam Battle . Alliance It feels like a game made with co-op play in mind. Although there are no options for local play, the game offers a bunch of options to play the main story in a co-op mode with both friends and matched players.

This is as useful as Finding additional blueprints will take you a lot of grindingOften, a team of human players gets the job done faster than if you were playing alone with AI companions. Although the AI ​​partners are certainly competent enough, you may have a much better experience with SD Gundam Battle Alliance. If you play with a pre-formed team.

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