The Taurus Demon is Dark Souls’ Best Example of Utilizing Player Choice

The first real boss most players face in the original Evil spirits After the initial tutorial with Asylum Demon is a Taurus Demon. This fight may be daunting for first-time players and trivial for long-time fans, but it serves as its own learning tool by putting player selection front and center with the boss, arena design, and some crossbow bores.

A lot of this Taurus Demon star design is acting almost as if it’s being prepared for a trend in Evil spirits, although few chiefs manage to give quite the same experience. Because early combat is designed to catch the player off guard in multiple ways, it ends up offering a wider variety of combat options than most battles in the franchise.

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Taurus makes perfect use of the structure of Lourdan Castle

The first thing to note about the fight Evil spiritsThe first difficult boss is that before the enemy appears, there is already a chance for the player to be surprised by the shooters at the beginning of the ring unaware of him. After they are sent, Taurus does not show itself until it walks over the fences and falls directly on the player.

From here, the player has two options, to either go head-to-head with the Taurus Demon or return to the battle that previously featured archers to reach a wider arena. Getting into the battle offers another option, though, with players being able to tackle an already proven powerful attack against the Asylum Demon, nearly killing one of FromSoftware’s most powerful foes in one fell swoop. In this case, each moment of the fight gives the player more opportunities to make use of the previous knowledge in order to facilitate the fight.

In most cases, the safest option is to head into battles and wait for the Taurus Demon to follow the top platform. Here, players have more room to dodge and are less likely to be pushed away by the massive, powerful attacks of Taurus. Evil spirits president. However, head-to-head combat could be much faster, and a sinking attack could actually be taken advantage of twice in order to rip the boss’ health.

This design is continued by Anor Londo

There aren’t many bosses that give players the kind of choice the Taurus Demon offers, with three ways to attack at the start of combat. However, this design philosophy doesn’t completely disappear in the later sections of the game, rather it helps make Ornstein and Smough’s meeting work so well. In the case of the dynamic duo at the end Evil spiritsIconic Anwar Londo, the choice is not at the beginning of the fight, but at the approach of the second stage. Players can choose which one kills first, and which one fights a boosted version of it.

An earlier example of this chosen design can also be found in the depths, which reinterprets the concept of having an additional enemy like shooters shooting from afar. This will be during the battle of the Gaping Dragon, which can be helped by a channel keeper. Although this requires more exploration across the level to find it, it is still an example to give players the ability to adapt. Evil spirits’ Difficulty based on their playing style. It’s a lesson that the Taurus Demon instills in early gamers and can help shape the way many discover the quirks of FromSoftware’s unique builds or emphasize the benefits of proper exploration.

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