The Sweetener Alton Brown Uses For French Toast

Maple syrup tends to overwhelm French toast once the toast hits the plate, but Alton Brown opts for an alternative—but still syrupy—sweetener, and is best used before the toast is any good.

Per Brown’s French toast YouTube tutorial, Honey is Just The sweetener he uses in his recipe. He also smells spices. While French toast tends to add flavor via cinnamon or nutmeg, Brown prefers keeping his recipe clean and straightforward.

According to the Food Network, which published the written version of Brown’s recipe, honey is mixed with what he considers brown custard: one egg, half and half, salt and, yes, honey. The slices are soaked in custard and then cooked in butter. Once it’s golden, brown keeps its French bread warm with another trick. He heats the slices on a baking tray in the oven, making them delicious and warm — and ready to eat.