The Makeup Tutorial That Will Turn You Into A Devil In Time For Halloween

If you’re looking for a cute or magical Halloween costume, there are plenty of makeup looks to elevate your devilish look.

To get started, check out Tracey Does Makeup’s makeup tutorial, where the YouTuber uses red and black shades from Morphe Palettes to create a halo-eye look topped with thick liquid eyeliner (via YouTube). The same red eyeshadow is used to blush the temples and cheekbones, giving this design a devilish red look.

The smoky devil look comes from Andreyha Seraphin, who also uses Morphe’s red, orange and black eyeshadow and stretches her eyebrows to create a sexy yet slightly threatening makeup look (per YouTube). In addition to the makeup tutorial, Seraphin also offers tips for a devil horn hairstyle that perfectly compliments the costume design.

If you want a more in-depth, but equally magical look, the tutorial from Miss Terri is worth checking out (via YouTube). For this look, Terri combines liquid foundation and red eyeshadow for a base, contouring with burgundy red eyeshadow. Glossy wrinkle wrinkle and a range of black and mauve lip products really bring the look together.