The Easiest Nations To Play In Victoria 3

An in-depth, open world game (literally) like Victoria 3 will never be easy. The mechanics of this game really cover all the political, financial and personal issues that have arisen during this time period. But we all have to start learning somewhere.

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At the start of a new game, not every country or city is available to play, but out of hundreds, some objectively have an easier time managing things. If you don’t know much about world history between 1836 and 1936, it can be hard to guess where tensions and alliances will likely rise. This list offers some simple ideas for those just getting started.

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5/5 Sweden

Victoria 3 radical in Sweden

The country you play during the tutorial, Sweden makes sense when deciding where to start building your empire. In 1836, Sweden was not subject to invasions, battles over land, or any real threat from abroad. Even as a secondary power, you will be surrounded by potential allies like Norway, which is a great starting point for increasing trade with other countries.

Without any colonies to worry about, Sweden is a great way to gently learn the mechanics of the game while improving your GDP, building trade routes, and seeing what each political party can bring to your government.

4/5 Brazil

Victoria 3 South America Brazil South Pacific

If you are more interested in dealing with the mechanics of war and don’t want to worry about resources, Brazil is a great country to start with. As the largest power in the southern part of the continent, Brazil has a lot of cores in neighboring countries, providing an easy way to access new resources. When you get started, there are actually two easily winnable disputes that can earn you an early lead.

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You’ll want to build on the quality of life for your residents next, including focusing on literacy and encouraging the development of philosophy. It could be a major industrial powerhouse later in the game. Since the Brazilian slave trade was not abolished until 1888, this is another aspect of the country to which newer players can devote their attention with little risk.

3/5 United States of America

victoria 3 map of north america mexico canada usa oligarchy

The only superpower outside of Europe, with control of a huge swath of land in the American continent, the United States has enormous potential even though it looked a bit lackluster at first. New players may not immediately jump into this country due to its small population. However, immigration is a huge blessing. And if you want to follow clear goals, the journal saves a lot when running the United States.

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There are a lot of interesting internal conflicts between political parties and indigenous peoples, and further colonization of the surrounding areas is pretty straightforward if you want some practice. Moreover, a number of country-specific events happen when running the USA, and most people will be familiar with its history if you want to repeat it. One of the game’s goals for the country is to claim 49 states by 1936, when the game is technically over.

2/5 Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

Victoria 3 geographic map of Italy, the Mediterranean, and North Africa

In the heart of Europe and close to the African continent, the two Sicilies mark the end of Italy’s modern boot. Trade routes in this region are plentiful, although the possibility of declaring war or hunting down colonies can be a bit overwhelming. For new players, you can try to pursue the goal of uniting nearby small countries into one big Italy or reach across the Mediterranean to start some cores in other countries.

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At first, your GDP may not rank high, but Army of Two Sicilies is promising, especially the offshore aspects due to the huge amount of coastline available. This will be especially important if your goal is to succeed where history has failed and to proclaim the Kingdom of Italy without Sardinia’s contribution as part of the Risorgimento mission line.

1/5 Russia

Victoria 3 Russia, Austria and Prussia on the map

No matter if you’re new to the series or a veteran player, Russia is poised to rule the world from the start. With the unmatched land mass available, huge population, variety of resources, and the best army it could ask for, Russia can handle just about anything the rest of the world throws at it. With this country, you will face a lot of internal and external conflict. However, the opportunity to grow here in every aspect of the game means that as long as you have an idea of ​​what you’re aiming for, it will be very difficult to fail completely.

There is a lot going on in Russia, especially because of religious arguments and low literacy. However, in general, it is an incredibly tolerant country in which a new player can get involved.

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