The Cycle Frontier 2.3.0 Patch Notes Revealed

Because of the recent difficulties, yeager Decided to post another update to border cycle. This update will introduce some changes to quality of life, weapon balancing, and more. As explained by the developer, update 2.3.0 is here to take down multiple birds with one stone.

Server maintenance should start tomorrow at 10:00am CST / 4am EST / 1am PDT / 7pm EST and is expected to last about 3 hours. Without further ado, below you can find all the changes coming with update 2.3.0.

Cycle Frontier 2.3.0 update notes

the changes

  • Increase the brightness and quality of indirect lighting, which should prevent some building interiors from looking too dark.
  • The tutorial has been modified so that new prospectors get a better sense of progress in the tutorial.
  • New players now receive 40,000 K-Marks through the tutorial instead of the usual 30,000 K-Marks.
  • HUD displays the latest consumables in use now.
  • The Squad interface is now always visible on the station, even if you’re currently working alone.
  • We’ve modified Crescent Falls matchmaking buckets, according to community feedback. You should have a smoother experience between the middle brackets again.
  • Some creatures have been repositioned around the Green Prospect area.
    • Some bad guard dogs have been added to each large building.
    • Fixed an issue where creatures killed in the Post Office would not count towards kills in Green’s Prospect.
    • Some missing pieces of engineering at the geothermal power plant have been fixed.
    • Reconstruction of some tracks in those areas.
  • Gunshots can now be heard from a slightly longer distance.
  • Meanwhile, footprints and bullets will be less of a hindrance due to the terrain.
  • The amount of smart grids required to recreate the exercises has been changed from 4 to 2.
  • You can now craft Tactical and Reconstructive Shields on top of Blue Quality.

Weapons and equipment

Kinetic judgment:

  • Damage reduced from 63 to 54.


  • Damage reduced from 8 to 7.

Flechette ASP rifle:

  • Damage increased from 9 to 10.


  • The number of shots per burst has been reduced from 16 to 12.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some interface issues with weapon attachment icons.
  • We’re giving you back an old header in Prime Time for players who owned the item back in Early Access. Looks like we were getting Before from ourselves here.
  • Modified Fortuna Pass level 71 so it won’t give you those special grenades you weren’t supposed to have.
  • We have fixed some idle trim issues on the station. The best treatment is to stay awake though.
  • The mouse sensitivity on the terminal should stop changing after each update.
  • Running fast or sliding will now cancel the healing animation properly.
  • Some inconsistencies between the symbol and the actual mesh of the Poacher shoes have been fixed.
  • Reconsider the cheat compensation feature, so you should get your items back faster and more reliably.
  • Fixed strange camera angle appearing when using Tranquility expression.
  • Your squad members have made a final decision and must stop randomly changing colors during the expedition.
  • Daily Fortuna Pass missions will now reset.. daily. As it was always planned.
  • Sparkling pool had too many mushrooms. It’s been scrapped a little bit.
  • Fixed an annoying spot where one could get stuck in the Starport Landing Pad.
  • Deal with someone else around the woods in Bright Sands.
  • Fixed some typing issues with Gear Printer upgrades, and special quarters.
  • I moved some healing plants near the fallen tree at Crescent Falls so they wouldn’t stand next to each other anymore. Hopefully they are not too sad but surely they will meet again one day.
  • Some mineral veins moved around the wrecked ships in the bright sand.
  • Fixed a collision issue with a fallen tree on Crescent Falls.
  • Take care of several ways to get out of the bounds around Bright Sands. An occasional reminder that attempting to explore the deep expanses of space on foot is usually hazardous to a prospector’s health.
  • Accepting a new mission will now play its little chime.
  • Fill a gap between textures (Dig Site, Bright Sands) and possibly prevent the whole world from falling apart.
  • Bright Sands again took care of some clipping issues around the evacuation point near the water facility.
  • Glowing Brightcaps will now fade as they should once the storm subsides on Tharis Island.
  • I implemented some other fixes that should prevent anyone from accessing supposedly inaccessible places.

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