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Developer: Dimps
publisher: Bandai Namco
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One (reviewed), Switch, PC
Release date: Available now
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When someone thinks of Dragon Ball, they usually think of high-speed battles for the planet with two world powers capable of destroying a world annihilating it. What they usually don’t think of is being a normal person living in a world where someone can vaporize an entire city with a flick of their wrist. where is that Dragon Ball: The Breakers It comes because it offers a unique take on asymmetric multiplayer experience. Set seven ordinary survivors against some of the most notorious villains of the Dragon ball Z It sounds like it would make for a fun game but unfortunately it’s often a far cry from that.

a story

Players take on the role of a survivor character who suddenly finds herself drawn into a time rift. Set in the same universe as Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2They are rescued by Time Patroller Trunks and told that they must use one of the different Time Machines to escape the Rift in space and the enemy Raider within. Here players will be treated to an abstract tutorial on how to escape using the simplest methods available before facing them Dragon Ball Age Bulma and Oolong who end up being dragged along for the ride.

With survivors continually immersed in temporal controversies, Trunks places them in a secluded territory where the story has stalled with minimal interaction with the character ever since. In fact, it’s a sarcastic joke that oolong directly indicates how much fun the city emits Xenoverse 2 It seems in the distance compared to the small pivot players in the end.


Being an asymmetric multiplayer game, players will either find themselves as one of seven survivors scrambling around the map or play as one of three current invaders trying to either kill each one of them or destroy any means of escape. As a survivor, players will need to work together to locate the hidden power switches throughout and try to put them in their place. If each trigger switch is placed, the Super time device will start to activate and if players can protect it from the Raider while it’s on, it will immediately end the match by teleporting each survivor to safety.

If Raider destroys this Super Time Machine or destroys a location before the power switch is placed, the survivors must try to hide from Raider in hopes of accessing a smaller rescue time machine that will be fans of the series. Well aware. Several survivors can cling to the Rescue Time Machine but it is on a cooling off and can also be destroyed, leaving everyone at the mercy of the Rider as a result.

When things go wrong, which is a rarity, Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an exciting cat-and-mouse game. The survivors have a number of tools at their disposal to try to avoid the commandos while completing their various objectives. This can lead to many occasions sparking the survivor’s wits and willingness to risk the formidable power of the attacker, resulting in some tough confrontations at times. These range from claustrophobic in fear of hiding in a cave or behind objects, using a skill to temporarily stun a mutant, masquerading as an object or even teleporting away with an item like the Saiyan Pod or Flying Nimbus. All of these skills are in the cooldown and players can even find items scattered around the map that can be used to attack Raider for some damage, but the camera and controls are often more dangerous than Raider himself.

Not only does the camera not focus directly behind the player, it positions itself to the side, but each side that requires a survivor to attack the Rider requires some form of aiming, which is nearly impossible. There are many firearms that can be used as quick escape options that can also inflict damage on the adventurer, but even when fired close to the starting point, they will miss almost every time as there is no real way to properly direct these moves. In fact, this can also affect skills with moves such as the grappling hook for quick escape often or the “krillin shoe” that collides into an object and leads to death.

This isn’t the only time the camera and the lack of a proper lock have affected the survivors’ ability to actually survive. Outside of the various skills that a player can equip and use, the strongest defensive and offensive capabilities that a survivor can unleash come in the form of dragon changes. Players can equip up to three “Transparents” containing the powers and abilities of several heroes from Dragon ball Z The chain and when activated, transform the player into a replica of said character. These tentacles come with different skills and special attacks that can be launched to not only escape the raiders but directly attack them and try to do damage. Players must find energy across the map, whether it is obtained from opening chests, saving civilians, or even buying it from a vending machine with the more energy they get, the longer they remain in their altered state. While it’s rare, it’s entirely possible to defeat an attacker by inflicting enough damage on it, giving survivors another way to win the match besides simply escaping.

Players can even choose to collect Dragon Balls during the round, making a wish when the seven are collected. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done for a number of reasons that totally depend on poor game design. Now while players can find Dragon Ball and other radars during the rounds, it’s up to one of the survivors to actually carry all seven Dragon Balls to make a wish. This means that it is entirely possible to get all seven balls just to scatter all over the team without anyone wanting to drop their balls and with only a ping system available to communicate, it is virtually impossible to actually get a team to work together especially because whenever a wish is fulfilled, they They only affect Survivor making said wish, encouraging selfish play or simply wiping out the team or even Raider stealing the wish for themselves.

Unfortunately, while Dragon Change allows players to fly and try to take the fight to Raider, the character control in this mode is poorly explained in the tutorial and suffers poorly from poor camera angles and a lack of powerful aiming. This means that while players may try to make a last-ditch effort to fend off the attacker using special moves, they often get it wrong and cost a good chunk of turn time in a single shot while the attacker can constantly spam ki blasts. To make matters worse, trying to get into a melee encounter with a Rider is often better handled as a time-saving measure because the combat feels incredibly tough which is surprising given the nature of the game that looks exactly like Xenoverse 2 When things go.

Now playing as a real striker is even more fun as it allows players to utilize almost every power available to the characters. At first, Raider starts off in a rather weak form, with Cell in his larval form, so Buu isn’t summoned and instead players take on the role of Spopovitch, and Frieza flies into their flight deck. Shifters will gain energy from a variety of factors and increase their power, destroying large portions of the map each time they reach a new form. Of course, this can be used to prevent survivors from collecting every key to the Super Time Machine, annihilating enemies trying to revive fallen allies, or even deleting a slightly annoying map.

Unfortunately, being able to actually play like a Rider can be a long endeavor as players have the opportunity to decide which role they line up for when trying to find a match, with player priority increasing the longer they go without actually playing. commandos. In practice, this sounds good, but thanks to the incredibly bizarre decision not to make a crossover in 2022 trying to find a match in Dragon Ball: The Breakers often takes way too long. Less than a week after the full release, searching for a match on Xbox Series X could take upwards of ten minutes or more trying to find which role to play, let alone striving to play the role of Ryder. This includes the time spent restarting the matchmaking process where there appears to be a bug limiting matchmaking after a certain amount of time, although it rarely ends up faster than waiting six minutes in a hub with nothing to do in the Indeed.

It should also be noted that while players do not need to spend any actual real money in the game, Dragon Ball: The Breakers It uses not only the free battle pass system, but the gacha system as well. Players will earn points by completing daily and weekly challenges that will advance them along the battle corridor while gacha uses multiple currencies. This includes a premium currency that allows players to buy rolls or use Zeni obtained from completing matches to roll as well. This gacha draw is for the aforementioned Transphere system which will likely lock powerful abilities behind the luck of the draw. Zeni is used for things like buying cosmetic outfits, emotes, stamps, and more while “warrior souls” obtained from duplicate draws can be used to boost Survivor’s abilities as well as buy special outfits in the shop. This means that while it is entirely possible to get things without spending money, being able to simply pay to strengthen skills and gain rare abilities is entirely possible.

Videos and audio

Dragon Ball: The Breakers It is a game with a somewhat limited look as it only features a small hub and three total levels to play on. Raiders designs are well handled although the areas themselves seem limited to what was found at the age of six Xenoverse 2 With different special attacks looks as before. That’s not to say that special moves like the special beam cannon and spirit bomb don’t look impressive, they just lack any noticeable improvement. It’s also good to note that there are some great character animations that alert survivors that an attacker is nearby because their character will physically shiver and lunge for safety when trying to hide.

As far as the voice work goes, the team has been able to reproduce the limited voice acting of the characters in the game but unfortunately there are relatively few lines available, with Raider’s lines being restricted to the in-game store. The sound effects are similar to what one would expect from the Dragon Ball universe although the background music is incredibly simplistic.


Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an interesting idea but failed due to poor camera and control decisions as well as a lack of crosshairs in 2022. While the game of cat-and-mouse in Survivor vs Raider can be fun at times, the average match is actually quite interesting when everything Works well, between excessive matching times and multiple monetization methods, this experience is often consistent for even the most difficult people Dragon Ball fans.

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