The Biggest Game Fixes That Deathverse: Let It Die Needs

Deathverse: Let It Die It is an exciting and alluring survival game that meets multiplayer battle royale. Players take on the role of a customizable racer in Death Jamboree, a dystopian game show where 16 people must battle to become the “One Last Star”. make no mistake about it, Deathverse: Let It Die It is an absolute blast to play, especially when players deal with the unique core gameplay loop. There is a lot to enjoy with this game; However, this does not mean that there is no room for improvement.

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Fans of battle royale and survival games will probably feel right at home here Deathverse: Let It Die. From picking up items and ability to shrinking the playing area to the tense nature of momentary combat, this game offers plenty of nuance and depth. Even with the overall enjoyment of the game, there are some much-needed improvements to make this game a true contender in the genre for years to come.

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5/5 Release the game on more platforms

Currently, Deathverse: Let It Die Only available on PlayStation 4, 5, and PC. While it’s great that the game isn’t a PC exclusive and is available at least on PlayStation consoles, it’s confusing that it’s also not available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Online multiplayer games can live or die (pun much intended) by the number of players who log in to play.

This game is indeed a very appropriate experience that blurs the line between battle royale and survival. A lot of people get tired of battle royale and survival games so having this game available on other consoles will be very helpful. As long as cross play and cross progression are part of the fold then Deathverse: Let It Die It can thrive for some time in an already saturated market.

4/5 Adjust and clean up unstable crafting system

It is one of the most confusing and complex parts of the files Deathverse: Let It Die It is a drafting system. This crafting system is not part of the game’s momentary gameplay, but rather something players can (optionally) engage in from the game’s menu lobby area. Crafting in this game is to create new weapons, new weapon variants and cosmetic upgrades for both the player avatar and the robot/drone companion.

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The concept of crafting in this game is actually quite broad but faltered due to the countless supplies and materials that can be found in matches or exchanged through countless color tickets. The ticket exchange system feels impractical and impractical, especially because some items can also be purchased with gold coins. Basically, there is a lot going on behind the scenes when it comes to the manufacturing system. Overhauling or improving the system can make it more digestible overall.

3/5 More players and game mode variety

Game matches in Deathverse: Let It Die They come in two basic forms: ranked matches and exhibition matches (unranked). These two main modes provide the bulk of the gameplay in this experience. Most players will (and should) start with exhibition matches because, for all intents and purposes, they are the standard public match. Learning to fight other players in melee-focused combat, pass multiple stages, fight Cryptid monsters, and collect items will be best absorbed in this unranked mode.

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The ranked situation will of course be more difficult because the stakes are higher. Both games have AI hunters (and sometimes player-controlled ones) too, but more on that at a later stage. Apart from the separate training and tutorial mode, there are no other game modes to participate in. While the main battle/survival mode is an absolute blast, the more variety and variety of the game mode can enhance the overall package in the long run.

2/5 Best variety of melee weapons

One of the core components of this game is its focus on melee combat. Avoid traditional weapons or weapons found in many other battle royale games, Deathverse: Let It Die He wants players to wake up and have character during every Death Jamboree game show. The default weapon is a large axe-like cleaver that is balanced, responsive and punishes when used correctly (after some good practice). In addition to this default melee weapon, players can also switch to use a katana, hammer, robotic arms, and even massive saw blades.

While each of these weapons has its own strengths, weaknesses, and secondary abilities, it’s hard not to wonder why there isn’t more variety of melee weapons overall. Each main weapon can be leveled up, both during the match dynamically and as a long range progression, but this takes time and the rewards are not always felt immediately. If the game continues to gain traction with new players, there is hope that the developers will add more variety of weapons. Also, on a side note, the game needs more weapon variants than it currently has.

1/5 Refine the dynamic fishing system

Apart from the cumbersome crafting system, Deathverse: Let It Die It also features another gameplay system that is not well explained at all and can lead to confusing or sudden deaths during a match. This system is known as the Hunter system. On paper, every match has a dynamic hunter that appears randomly and dynamically at a certain point. The AI ​​console hunter (of which there are many, apparently) will hunt, hunt, and kill players unawares. However, this player is not told in any meaningful way.

Adding to the confusion is one form of Hunter that players can apparently control if certain criteria are met. When the player controls this particular hunter, he can quickly send other players to their doom without warning. The Hunter system is a good one conceptually because it adds to the dynamic feel of this game; However, it should be more streamlined and better communicated to players.

Deathverse: Let It Die Currently available on PlayStation 4, 5, and PC.

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