The Best Way To Create A DIY Mantel

It’s finally time to cover up that cardboard! This is the best step because your project will finally start to look like a proper shelf. It will take a minute to get the design just right so here are some tips for this step. First, don’t be too quick to peel off the sticky backing; You want everything to lie flat and evenly, and if your sticky side is really exposed, you might spend some time fighting sticky corners and awkward air bubbles. Make sure to measure the roll before cutting anything, too; If you need an exposed scam, try hiding it on the wall-facing side of the shelf. If it’s unavoidable on the front side, spend some time making sure the lines of the actual print fit as best as possible. This might mean cutting out bricks so you can do your printing sporadically (via YouTube).

Maeng Garzy (via YouTube) provides a comprehensive step-by-step walkthrough to help you position and smooth the paper well for super-crisp lines and angles. If you are using contact paper with a flat texture such as marble, granite, or woodgrain, you are ready for the next step. However, if you are using a woven print and don’t like the color, now is the time to paint. Chalk or liquid paint is a great choice for matte finishes just like stone. Finally, attach black poster board to the back of your mantle rack to cover the wall behind it.