The Best Sparks in Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope (& How To Get Them)

The best Sparks in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope offer unique advantages that the characters don’t provide while also working against most enemies.

sparks in Mario + Rapids: Sparks of Hope is a key mechanic of the new game; A fusion of Lumas and Rabbids that grants unique powers to its users. By the end of the game, players will have 30 sparks to choose from and the ability to outfit two at a time for each of the 10 characters (including Rayman DLC coming in Mario + Rapids sparks of hope). This allows players to better prepare for each battle, and adjust the items in their sparks to attack enemy weaknesses. However, there are a few sparks that players should always equip for a character, no matter what enemies they encounter.

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The best sparks in Mario + Rapids: Sparks of Hope It offers unique advantages that characters don’t have while also working against most enemies. This means that racial sparks like Aquanox and Toxiquake won’t be on the list, with one exception. The order of the sparks in this article does not reflect any order; Each one has value.

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Best Sparks to use in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Starburst, Ethering and Pyrogeddon in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Spark name home planet How do you get it Capabilities Best pairing (pairs) of characters
starburst Bacon Beach Automatically paired with Mario after the tutorial Turbocharge: Increases attack power. physical protector: Increases resistance to physical attack. Rapid Mario, Chariot
squeak Bacon Beach Complete the secret Beacon Beach area Whoopsgottago: Enemies escape from the user. awkward friend: Increases the chance of a critical hit. Mario, Luigi
ether pristine peaks Play through the main story on Pristine Peaks invisible: It makes the user invisible. Athlete: Increases movement damage. Rapid Peach, Rapid Rosalina
Reeds are a decorative material Palette Prime Play through the main story on Palette Prime Gather: Enemies get close to the user (vital for a Bedrock boss battle). Attack mastery: Increases weapon damage. Rapid Mario, Princess Peach
Wildclaw Master Palette Prime Complete the secret Palette Prime area Wildclaw summon: Wildclaw ally is born. physical protection: Reduces physical attack damage. Princess Peach, Edge
fambastra Palette Prime Complete the side quest “Bury the Hatchet” vamp attack: Increases weapon damage and restores health based on damage dealt. awkward friend: Increases the chance of a critical hit. edge, trolley
pulser Terra Flora Play through the main story on Terra Flora revive: Revive allies at range. Healing amplifier: Increases the healing received. Rapid Peach, Princess Peach
cryogydon Terra Flora Complete the secret Terra Flora area Skyrain frostbite: Frostbite super effect rains down on enemies in a wide area. frostbite protector: Protects from Super Effect damage and negates Frostbite Super Effect (important ability on Original Peaks, shown in various trailers). Rapid Mario, Rapid Rosalina
Garganto Fan Barendale Mesa Play through the main story on Barrendale Mesa Kong Kameo: Creates a shock wave that bounces enemies back. Healing Booster: Increases maximum health. Mario, Rapid Mario, Edge
Scooper Master Barendale Mesa Complete the side quest “The Tortured Artist” Summon Scooper: Scooper’s ally is born. awkward friend: Increases the chance of a critical hit. Mario, Luigi

Different battles across the game have different end goals, such as reaching the end of the map or destroying certain things. However, the goal is usually to defeat each enemy. This means that the best sparks are those who can damage as many enemies as possible. Cyrogeddon is an exception, being an elemental spark. Frostbite Super Effect prevents the characters from moving, which is very frustrating that having a spark that can throw off this state is vital, especially while trying to reach Mario + Rapids sparks of hopeMidnite boss battle.

Although these sparks are arguably the best in the game, not all of them can or should be used in every battle. Instead, players must use Beep-O, their robot companion, to clear the arena and identify the enemies they encounter. Sparks are supposed to circulate between heroes and every battle takes place in it Mario + Rapids: Sparks of Hope Interesting, strengthening the characters and overcoming any variable the game can throw at them.

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