The Best Levels In The Rhythm Heaven Series

Rhythm Heaven is a rhythm game series that puts your beat-keeping skills to the ultimate test. Originally released for the Game Boy Advanced, these fun and stressful activities have had us tapping our feet and tapping our fingers for over a decade. And even though the last Rhythm Heaven game released was during the 3DS era, we’re still setting our Wiis up to play classics like Rhythm Heaven Fever to this day.

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But, in a memorable series, which rhythm games are the best? What are the things we come back to most often to beat the beat? Here are our top picks for the best levels of Rhythm Paradise.

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10 Karate man

The Karate Man from the Rhythm Heaven Fever / Rhythm Heaven series featuring Karate Joe

There is no denying that Karate Man is a fan favorite. It has appeared in every Rhythm Heaven game to date, and its main character, Karate Joe, has appeared in Super Smash Brothers. In Karate Man, your main objective is to punch the objects that are thrown at you.

Although it may seem difficult at first, after some practice, you will be able to understand it. You might even find yourself singing along to the original Rhythm Heaven Fever song, Lonely Storm. Just try not to get too overwhelmed when the announcer asks you to “Hit three!” or if the word “Combo!” appears on the screen.

9 Readers rejoiced

Readers cheer from Rhythm Heaven Fever featuring the School Library Beep Band

Studying is hard. So, wouldn’t you want someone to cheer you on while you work in the library? Sure, these cheer fans can be a little loud, but they mean well. and their encouraging “Well, it works!” It can inspire any slacker to aim for an A+.

Featured in Rhythm Heaven Fever and Rhythm Heaven Megamix, Cheer Readers tasks you with keeping up with your cheerleading squad, who’ve given up their pom-poms for hardcover books. Depending on the phrase being said, you will either have to turn your book over, rotate your book in your hands, or open your book to the correct page. If you hit every beat, you will be able to witness the wave effect suitable for any sporting event. Or in this case, event study.

8 fan club

Fan Club by Rhythm Heaven Megamix features pop singers and monkeys

In Fan Club, you play a monkey who cheers for their favorite pop star while they perform on stage. Yes, you read that right. In this game, you have to clap and jump at the same time with your monkey lover friends. Succeed and you will be rewarded with a singer who will thank you. Fail and you will have to redo the stage.

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What makes this level interesting is that you have to listen for the signals that the singer gives while she is singing her song. Every time you repeat a word three times, you need to clap four times. And every time you say “I suppose,” you have to clap three times and then jump up. It’s a unique twist on the beat orchestration and only gets more complex in Fan Club 2, which you have to cheer with an extended version of the melody.

7 step flock

Step Flock from Rhythm Heaven Fever featuring The Huebirds of Happiness

It’s hard not to love the Flock Step. Featured in Rhythm Heaven Fever and Rhythm Heaven Megamix, this game puts you in control of a pink, long-legged, small-winged bird. Using your cadence skills, you should help this budding little movei get in cadence with the rest of their flock. In practice, this looks simple. But good luck tracking down your flying friend as the screen becomes covered in colorful birds.

However, thanks to how catchy the song is of this level, and how shocked our pink hero looks when ping pong swings back and forth against their neighbours, we can overlook the difficulties and enjoy the ride.

6 flop fin

Flipper-Flop from Rhythm Heaven Fever featuring Captain Tuck and The Flippers

Not only are these seals absolutely adorable, but they are also professional dancers. Well, the three surrounding you anyway. In Flipper-Flop you play as a lovable white seal who must flip to the beat. Doing so will make your captain proud and your team happy.

However, if you get it wrong, be prepared for your seal to look as surprised as the pink bird from Flock Step. Not only is this level available in the Wii version of Rhythm Heaven, but it also returns in the 3DS version, allowing you to join and captain these seals on even more dancing excursions.

5 Built on a grand scale

Designed to match the Rhythm Heaven DS's cut-out size

There are several versions of the scaled level, but the one we’ll focus on is from DS Rhythm Heaven. This is the first level you’ll be introduced to in the game and its instructions are pretty straightforward: when the do-re-mi scale reaches sol, move your pencil so that the middle rod piece can connect two moving square boards together.

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Although it starts off easy, the stage gets tricky when the music starts to speed up and someone decides to cut the lights. It’s quite a surprise to suddenly throw balls like this, while still sticking to the rules of tap-to-soul, but one that helps prepare newcomers for the frantic nature of the Rhythm Heaven games.

4 Air Rally

Air Rally from Rhythm Heaven Fever featuring Baxter and Forthington

Normally, if you were a pilot in charge of a single-seat plane, you wouldn’t play badminton against a cat flying on another plane. But in Air Rally, your top priority is to successfully keep the altitude going. Luckily, your flight partner is there to help you keep the beat by singing “Ba-bum-bum-bum!”

Unfortunately, this flying cat will fly in front of you, blot out in the distance, and switch from singing to screaming. However, despite the headaches this level can cause us, we still look fondly on the bird being shot down and yelled at by our feline best friend.

3 The first row in the ring

On the ring from the movie Rhythm Heaven Fever featuring the reporter and the wrestler

In Ringside, you play as a sweaty wrestler who must answer questions correctly and stand in front of the camera when asked. And although, as the sweaty wrestler said, you may not have much to say with words, it’s important that your actions show your winning feelings.

For this challenge, depending on what you are asked, you must nod or crouch. Sometimes you do both. Of course we can’t forget the reporter interviewing the wrestler whose questions of “Wubbadubba ‘zat right?’ and statements of “Go big man!” Live with us even after all these years.

2 packing pests

Mobilization Pests of Rhythm Sky Fever Incorporating Employee 333-4-591032

Nothing is better than the sweet taste of candy. And nothing is worse than the creepy, creepy feeling of spiders on your skin. In Pest Mobilization, you get to experience the best and worst of both worlds. Your task is to catch all the candies that are thrown on your way and crush any annoying spiders nicely.

What makes this level amazing, in addition to protecting the delicious sweets from spiders, is the song that goes with it. There’s just something so satisfying about holding the beat to the beat of this upbeat tune. Especially when the speaker announces to you “Double Up,” an audio cue that tells you to whack two eight-legged pests away.

1 Remix 10

Remix 10 by Rhythm Sky Fever

Ah, the remix 10. What is the remix? Well, it is a challenge where you put your skills to the test by playing a set of past beat levels. Be prepared to play all of your previous successes and failures in quick succession and without rest.

Of all the 10 remixes, Rhythm Heaven Fever’s Remix 10 is our favourite. This experience contains 30 rhythm games that you can play. That’s every level plus the tutorial and staff credits! On top of that, it looks like this remix is ​​going to finish just to add a few more beats towards the end. twice! It’s really a celebration of all your hard work and a reminder of every humiliating fiasco that Rhythm Hell, Heaven, Heaven has put you through.

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