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Honestly, if I could count the number of times I’d have convinced myself I would print And the Framing pictures that didn’t appear on my social media feed, I’d lose track. From vacation photos planned with the family to selfie sessions with friends to reminiscing on breathtaking photos from an unforgettable vacation – my phone is full of memories that never see the light of day! But I’ve found the solution to seeing my favorite photos on a regular basis: Meural II.

I’ve been able to review several digital picture frames and Meural II takes things to the next level by acting as a work of art too! I have access to a diverse library of over 30,000 images from history’s greatest artists and up-and-coming creators. The frame is all you need to reflect your personality by adding color to your walls and showing off precious moments.

Read on to find out why Canvas II is the secret to keeping special memories and art alive.

First look at canvas II

Wall art gallery in the bedroom

We change

Considering how long it took to build a gallery wall, I knew I had no business raising a 15 pounds digital frame and installed myself, so I contacted Task Rabbit to hang the Canvas II. It took about 30 minutes (the first 10 consisted of seeing if it was positioned correctly) to get the hang of it 27 inch screen in my living room. The box includes an 8-inch power cord, wall anchors, wall bracket, and cleaning cloth. Designed to look like a canvas, I chose the frame in white to blend in with my existing color story and decor. Canvas’s II isn’t bulky and the matte screen blends in with my wall even when it’s off.

You can choose to hang Meural horizontally or vertically, as your photos will adjust to the orientation of the frame. Once the frame is installed with the anchors and screws, you have to plug it in and press the power button on the side (there’s an SD card dock and a USB input). One downside to the look is that the cord runs directly on the wall unless you run the cord through the wall.

Meural II Canvas Preparation

meural app

Meural Museum Library app.

Medgina Saint-Elien
Three women smiling

My sisters and I, ready to shoot.

Medgina Saint-Elien

To get started, download the Meural app, connect your frame to the app, and choose a stable WiFi connection that will allow you to upload photos or explore our impressive art library. The app will take you through a tutorial on what I find Meural’s coolest feature: Gesture control. With a tap of your wrist, you can scroll through photos, learn more about artists, schedule a show, and change app settings. The Canvas II stays smudge-free and your family and friends can share their favorite photos.

Navigating the app is simple and straightforward. I allowed access to my phone’s camera roll and quickly created a playlist. I can freeze the images or specify the duration of each image. Shows perfect color, without any hitches.

Price and features

It is important to note that during the frame At $699 (The 16″ x 24″ frame is $599.) Full access to Meural’s art library requires a subscription. Explore museums, National Geographic archives, a variety of movements and artistic styles, exclusive artist interviews, and much more. No subscription required to upload images from your mobile phone.

Meural Meural Canvas II

Meural II canvas

the Subscription is $69.95 per year. Or you can pay $8.95 per month.

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Main product specifications

  • Frame options: black, white, light wood, or dark wood
  • Anti-glare screen
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Available as a desktop frame or canvas
  • Access to massive art galleries and NFTs
  • One year free membership
  • On/off timer setting
  • 42 pre-loaded images and 100 sampling images
meural canvas in the living room

We change

Pictures 1080 Full HD The screen automatically adjusts to the lighting in the room. It’s an eye-catching addition to my living room that I can admire on a daily basis.

Why am I obsessed

I am incredibly close to my family and it is a joy to see their photos the moment I open the door to my house. When I can’t remember where I took a photo, a swipe will reveal the location and year. The family group chat consists of requests and invitations to collaborative photo playlists sent to Canvas II rather than a big discussion about which photo looks best. the a great offer Makes everything look better, no modification needed. Plus, I don’t feel intimidated by the times I’m not around!

Canvas II is easy to navigate and organize playlists that make for instant conversation starters. I like to pick a playlist that features new photos on the app and photos of my friends interspersed in between so they don’t see it coming. Guests constantly ask about Meural or the story behind the photo. Poppy Simpson, Meural’s Head of Content and Curation, was driven by a desire to make art a part of people’s everyday lives. “The Meural isn’t in competition with your TV, it’s about showing you something that makes sense in the moment and complements how you feel.” she explained.

While the price of the frame and subscription isn’t ideal, the chance to revisit memories with loved ones or fall in love with art from around the world makes it a worthwhile investment. Meural Canvas II is an experience you don’t have to leave your home to enjoy.

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