The Best And Worst Things About Deathverse: Let It Die

Deathverse: Let It Die It is a one-of-a-kind survival game where 16 players compete across a range of sci-fi and dystopian-inspired maps. The premise and setting of this game revolve around a show-game type competition known as Death Jamboree. Players must fight, fight and survive in order to become the next superstar. However, doing this will not be easy as this game takes some time to get used to.

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Luckily, Deathverse: Let It Die It is a very enjoyable and polished experience, more than people might think at first glance. There is plenty of depth and nuance to master the game’s formidable abilities, attacks, and maneuvers. The game guides players through a helpful tutorial to ensure they are set up for success, something that helps maintain a fair playing field. Time to chat about what makes this game so fun but also discuss some areas that could use some work.

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7/7 Best: Unique combat

Easily one of the best parts Deathverse: Let It Die It is how fun it is to participate in the instant fight. Players can choose from a range of melee weapons including saws, hammers, katanas, and even melee weapons. Each of these weapons feels and plays very differently from the other, especially because they all have their own unique traits and abilities.

Navigating the different phases of dystopia often leads you to connect with another player. Being able to perform both light and heavy attacks along with a quick dribble is great. There is a wonderful sense of weight and heaviness, even with light weapons. In addition, the addition of a block of armor, a long-range energy attack, and multiple weapon capabilities makes each battle new and fun.

6/7 Best: Great progression and customization

Many free games do not solve the problem when it comes to fair and convenient progression of the players. Fortunately, the developers to Deathverse: Let It Die Put in a lot of effort to make each match play towards a greater sense of progression. The game features a player leveling system, a seasonal system (battle pass mode), and even a weapon leveling system. Even just playing a couple of games is likely to level something up, especially since there are a bunch of top-notch challenges that give a lot of XP.

None of the progress will matter if the customization is not good. While the actual character creator is a bit weak, the game offers many bonuses and customization options; From clothing, makeup/tattooing, skins to a robotic drone that follows players around, room customizations, and much more. There is always something to gain and work towards in this game which makes it fun to play constantly.

5/7 Worst: Wacky and cumbersome crafting system

Although the majority of this game is top-notch, one of the main areas where the game falls is the manufacturing system. This optional drafting system seems very cumbersome, annoying, and difficult to understand. Essentially, players can collect random components from matches (or through progression bonuses) which can then be used to craft new weapons, weapon styles, and upgrades for certain outfits.

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In theory, this sounds great because it provides another great way to keep the gameplay loop immersive during many, many matches. The problem is that there seem to be dozens and dozens of different manufacturing components that lead to confusion and frustration. Players can buy certain points via GP (Golden Points) which are easily accumulated; However, it gets a little confusing in the long run.

4/7 Best: Get access to matches quickly and easily

This is a minor point but it should be mentioned because many online multiplayer games take a long time to connect to them. Deathverse: Let It Die (Overall) very quick to get into it. Matchmaking here seems smooth and responsive, with very few (if any) disconnections. Of course, all this will depend on the players’ internet connection as well; However, overall, the matchmaking of players in this game is great.

Much of this can be due to the fact that the game does not currently have multiple game modes; Instead, group players into ranked matches or gallery. There is also a training and tutorial area, but apart from these, the simplicity of the game modes could be a huge boon for good matchmaking here.

3/7 Best: Lots of fun moving and transit options

Combat, melee weapons, great progression, fun cosmetics, and good matchmaking wouldn’t really matter if the simple act of moving a character around the different stages wasn’t a good thing. Fortunately, this area of ​​the game is frankly excellent. The third person action of this game looks great.

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Players can walk, run, jump and hide to evade or catch opponents. As mentioned before, there is a very easy dodge that can make or break a fight. On top of those basic moves, players can ram walls, hang on to certain points, and even find sub-powered jumping platforms to gain greater height. Just moving around in the game world feels tactile and responsive.

2/7 Worst: Many of the stages look very similar

Deathverse: Let It Die It has an amazing number of stages for Ranked matches or Exhibition. Unfortunately, most of these stages look very similar. The unique, dirty and dilapidated appearance of the stages makes sense in terms of the context of the game, which takes place in a dystopian, destructive type world, but in the end it means that the stages are very similar.

Variety is appreciated when it comes to new locations, but at most stages it ends up feeling a bit maze with similar color palettes, similar textures and an overall “blah” feeling to them. Hopefully the developers will add some colorful and vibrant (maybe even cartoon) maps down the line.

1/7 Best: PvPvE elements to break up the gameplay

The main focus of the game here is on melee battles. The ultimate goal is to survive all stages of Death Jamboree as certain parts of the map start to close. These items are pretty much the norm when it comes to battle royale/survival games. what makes Deathverse: Let It Die It stands out from the competition as it offers PvE items in every match.

During each match, the stages will include a number of creepy creatures and monsters that can be taken out in order to gain buffs and perks. Being able to run around the map and collect a character before a PvP battle looks great and offers some nice variety to each match.

Deathverse: Let It Die Currently available on PlayStation 4, 5, and PC.

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