The African TikTok Creators Who Kept Our Attention in 2022

AfroTok continues to steadily rise in popularity as the platform has given creators on the continent a platform to share their unique talents and authority within the entertainment space. This year was no exception. Nigerian Internet Queen Tuma Continue to carve out space for African humor while dancing the cup He kept people moving all year long, connecting to the world around him through movement. As society faces the new normal, it’s nice to know that there are some out there who will always keep us entertained.

Here is a list of this year’s best contributions to the #AfroTok world in 2022.

2. @taoma

taaooma your mother asked you to do that 😂😂? #taaooma ♬ original sound – taaooma

Maryam Abukaji Also known as Tuma She is a Nigerian content creator, influencer, and business owner who is committed to providing quality entertainment to her five million fans. The comedian has gained popularity for her hilarious drama about letting your intrusive ideas win, all while keeping her relatable with the African eyeballs that remain glued to her page.

3. @jowodaaa

@jowodaaa ♬ original sound – Maame Adwoa

Ghanaian influencer Mami is an enemy Also known as @employee It has become TikTok property and has developed its own secret language. The creator’s absurd remarks about her birthplace “Gharna” and other quirks of the star have won a lot of support and admiration from viewers around the world.

5. MarkWiens

markwiens West African food – Jollof rice original to Senegal!! 🇸🇳 #tiktokfood #jollofrice #Senegal ♬ original sound – Mark Waynes

Did you know that jollof rice originated in Senegal?

American travel and food blogger Mark Wiens He visited the West African country and gave his 1.5 million followers an intimate look at how the authentic Thibaudian/Sibu Gin dish is prepared from the hands of some of Senegal’s finest ladies.

6. Senorfenty

@senorfenty yoruba makeup tutorial. I hope you guys like it. Ema binu yoruba mi ko da ra ra #fyp #makeup #yoruba #yorubatiktok ♬ Joha – Asake

Nigerian beauty influencer Damilola Patrick Addy (senorfenty) is known for his impeccable makeup skills – both on his clients and himself. The UK-based artist gifted fans with an in-depth tutorial speaking only in his native Yoruba language, and we just can’t get enough.

8. Babyadi

bibiyadee is one of the many scams I got from Nairobi. #kenyantiktok #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – baby

Well…that’s just crazy.

Kenyan creator @employee The internet was shocked when I shared the spaghetti eating hack that our Kenyan brothers were hiding. We need a how-to guide on how to properly use the human body.

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