Styling Like Adam Sandler Is Trendy On TikTok. Here’s How To Achieve The Look

“Forget the hot summer, it’s the summer of Adam Sandler,” several TikTok users wrote as they flaunted Sandler’s looks in their videos. In these videos, many young women are seen wearing oversized T-shirts with basketball shorts and sneakers. Other comfortable shoes, such as sandals and socks, are also popular with this look. Plus, it’s topped with a hair bun or a hat and sunglasses for a chic yet relaxed look.

In fact, some users ask their favorite content creators how they design them themselves. Influencer and model Taylor Haag posted a quick tutorial in a TikTok video showing her followers how to do it. “Let’s take a look at Adam Sandler,” she says, noting that she only has “shorts” (high-waisted jean shorts) instead of her workout shorts. She proceeds to explain as she adds a gown with each step to her look, saying, “Step one: Loose shorts. Check. Step two: Add an oversized T-shirt and leave it unbuttoned. Check. Step three: Add Uggs, Crocs, or any other comfortable shoe.” Check. Step Four: Add an Easy Bag. Check.” Honestly, it doesn’t look like this trend could be any easier to pull off.