Steelrising Beginner’s Guide

As with the RPG course, Steelrising is designed to push you to your limits. With a steampunk-inspired alternative from the French Revolution to wrap you around, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed when you first jump in and take charge of Aegis, our heroine of the hour.

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Behind wigs and ruffled robots in the plot frenzy there is a really challenging game that will have you hitting your console the best they can, so you’ll be forgiven for searching the internet in search of tips and tricks. You are fortunate that you have come to the right place. While these tips won’t make Aegis indestructible, they will make your time with Steelrising a little easier. So without further ado, let’s get to it, shall we?


Don’t eat the little things

More specifically, don’t worry about choosing the class from the beginning of the game. Yes, each chapter has different starting stats and weapons, but you can quickly customize your Aegis in a way that feels right for you if you change course halfway. I started out as a soldier, but I could have easily changed my build with some good upgrades later.

While some games make you choose a category with wildly different stats and abilities, Steelrising certainly isn’t one of them, so don’t worry too much about that choice in games that will open in a few minutes. Even the different weapons that each chapter starts with can be purchased via the Vestals located all over Paris, so this option isn’t the all and the end of it all as is usually the case in similar games. Choose the one that suits you best and go straight.

Don’t be shy about the first area

This is obvious, but don’t rush into the first area, which serves as the game’s tutorial. This section is full of low-level enemies that are easy to eliminate, so make the most of clearing this spot before activating your first Vestal (Steelrising version of Bonfires) which allows you to upgrade your Aegis with Anima Essence and then redeploy all enemies in an area.

There are 7 enemies around the first Vestal that can be taken out in a relatively quick loop before hitting the Vestal to do so again. Rinse and repeat until you’re bored – it’s a good farming area for such an early game area, so spend some time here, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Breaking barrels and bags

Another easy way, but take every opportunity to crack as many things as the game allows, especially the hundreds of barrels you come across on your travels. The vast majority contain useful items that are sure to come in handy in a pinch, whether that’s a weird explosive grenade or oil recovery that can be assigned to a quick access belt and used when needed.

Not only that, but find hanging bags of ropes hanging above you. It’s easy to overlook these things, but hitting them in the middle of the jump and getting their contents out always guarantees a handy item. These things are better hidden from barrels, hung from trees, or hung on the balcony, but they are worth paying attention to.

Keep your eyes peeled for roses

Besides barrels and sacks, you’ll occasionally come across rosettes installed in doorways and window frames. These red, white, and blue additions add a bit of color to the gloomy, dark streets of Paris, but would still be impossible to miss if it wasn’t for the disembodied sound that often accompanies them. This is another good source of items or old-fashioned advice, giving you relevant information or items to offer in return.

Try weapons

There are a large number of weapons available for purchase in Steelrising, each suited to a different playstyle and complete with its own Special Move. Whether you want to go for something big and heavy or go fast for some tricky little hits, there is bound to be something to fit your imagination. Experimenting with as many as you want is key – Aegis don’t get overburdened, so you can switch your weapons whenever you feel the need. Once you’ve settled on something, you can upgrade it in Vestals to ensure you get enough money.

Each weapon has a special weapon that can make a huge difference in battle. After a few early divisions, you unlock the ability to equip two weapons at once, so you don’t feel restricted to just one weapon. I took advantage of Halberd’s custom rifle-like range attack, and approached it when I needed it with the quick Tornado attack and punishment that is Special of the Falcion and Saber. Play with a pair and find out what works early on so you can invest time and effort to upgrade them to maximum effect when you find the combination that works best.

Always have the compass your guide

Steerlrising has a great level design, whether it’s through the twists and turns of Parisian streets or the dark and dirty gypsum mines, all using shortcuts and walkways to help you navigate each section quickly. However, it is still very easy to get lost or turn around, so use the compass when you need to. This useful item can be purchased at any Vestal, and is definitely worth its weight in gold (or Anima Essence as in Steelrising). Equipped with a quick access harness, it will highlight your target’s current direction whenever you use it, along with any side quests currently in your vicinity.

Although the compass doesn’t show you exactly where to go, it’s a useful tool to be ready for those moments when you don’t have a clue where to go or what to do next, so keeping it on standby will come in handy you’re okay all the time As Aegis. As an added plus, even with a compass, it’s still very common to get lost. Steelrising isn’t afraid to use vertical in its larger areas, especially once they finally unlock the grapple ability. If you find yourself stuck or in a dead end and nowhere to go, find it. You should keep in mind to look high or low, as there can often be a balcony or an out-of-reach brawl point.

Finally – Help Mode can be your best friend (or worst enemy)

Steelrising is a challenging RPG, and I, for example, wouldn’t blame you for being stuck – after all, that’s why you finished with 7 tips in this beginner’s guide. Steelrising offers some difficulty options in the form of Assist Mode, which can be accessed from the Pause menu at any time. From here, there are a few tweaks you can make that can be the difference between quitting rage or ending the game, such as limiting the amount of damage you take or whether or not you lose the entire essence of the anima after death.

These are nice touches, especially in regards to accessibility, but be warned that turning this on, even for even a second, will disable most (if not all!) trophies and achievements, so you might just want to think twice before doing so. The game gives you a lot of notifications at that time but you are only warned before accepting some help. If you’re into the story, you might not be too upset about missing out on some Pavlovian rewards, but if you’re like me, you might not hit the game as much without a little dopamine hit for the cup every now and then.

So there you have it, some basic tips to get you started with Steelrising. They may not beat those pesky robotic machines for you, but it should at least give you a little head start.