Splatoon 3 Patch Incoming To Fix Screen Issue

No more black screen please!

So, did you get Splatoon 3 And do you enjoy doing the high-octane inking in all of that? We certainly hope so, as the game is supposed to be the next major addition to the Nintendo Switch lineup. One that we hope will sell millions and further solidify the franchise as one of the best the brand has to offer. But more on that later. You are here now because you may have heard about a problem some players have in terms of a “black screen” that “welcomes them” on their first game loading. Don’t worry, Nintendo knows it, and there’s a patch in the works.

For those who have not yet got the game, the error occurs when loading the game for the first time. You may get a black screen that is basically hindering your progress. Nothing anyone wants. Fortunately, Nintendo has come up with a solution for it so that you can get the hit and not just star in the endless black void.

What you need to do is to go and close the game, turn off your power switch in terms of its online capabilities, and then go back to the game. You will be able to do the tutorial and then enter Splatsville. Then you can go online and then go to the lobby area to finish setting things up like regional settings etc. This will help you to walk around the screen and play the game.

To be clear, this bug does not affect everyone who plays Splatoon 3We can tell you ourselves that there are actually a lot of people in the game who haven’t encountered this issue. But, it has happened to some, so a patch is in the works. It’s fine to be a little nervous about the possibility of contracting this bug, but at least now you know how to get around it should it pop up.

Which is good because Splatoon 3 It is a very fun game that you must play. You will have all the features from the previous game, and now you can access even more! Like Salmon Run, the brutally challenging game of collecting “golden eggs” that make up a horde of angry and evil enemies, will now be available to you all the time. Turf Wars is back, of course, but with Anarchy Mode you can now take the challenge to the next level to see if you really are one of the best players.

There is also the new arcade game that you can play, the new story mode that promises to be deep, etc. So get the game whenever you can and have fun with Inkling or Octarian.

Source: Nintendo Everything