Some Helpful Tips for Better Landscape Photo Compositions

Composition is one of the more complex parts of any kind of photographer, because it’s more mysterious and difficult to talk about than something that can be measured like camera settings. It can be especially tricky in landscape photography, where we don’t have control over the placement of the elements in the frame. If composition is something you’re struggling with at the moment, check out this great video tutorial that provides some helpful tips and advice that are sure to put you on the right track.

Coming to you from Ben Harvey Photography, this excellent video tutorial offers some helpful tips for creating attractive landscape photo collages. If you haven’t tried it before, one of the easiest things to do is simply bring in a longer focal length the next time you go out, like a 70-200mm lens. Not only will this give you a less common viewing angle, but it will also make your tire handling problem so busy that you can simply leave out a lot of distractions. Check out the video above for the full rundown of Harvey.

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