Singaporean influencer posts childbirth photo in full makeup, ‘painting an extremely unrealistic picture for mummies’

SINGAPORE: Influencer Maungchen Yeoh has become the subject of criticism for looking adorable after the birth of a healthy baby boy on Christmas Day.

Part of being an influencer is sharing minute details about one’s life or lifestyle with the online community. As a result, the content can inform, inspire, motivate or persuade Internet users.

Mongchen documented her recent childbirth journey and looked adorable in the photos she posted on her Instagram account.

Photo: IG Screen

Photo: IG Screen

She also shared a picture of her body seven days after giving birth.

Photo: IG Screen

Mongchen’s appearance impressed netizens who said she portrayed an “unrealistic” image of mothers and mothers-to-be.

“What you’re doing as an influencer is so wrong. Yes, you may have got your body back blah blah. But many other women suffer from postpartum depression/postpartum blues, and the last thing they want to see is this. You’re lucky to have the care to make your period easier,” she says. But this is not available to many.

“You just have to eat and pump. And wearing makeup every day is so unrealistic when your body is going through so much. Others have so many other things to take care of without extra help. Honestly, what you do is so distasteful. That was fine in your stories. But as a sharer, you can do better than that,” Instagram user @egomaniacprince101 wrote.

“You paint a very unrealistic picture and target for mummies and mummies. Full makeup throughout labor and even during pregnancy and lactation massages, lavish confinement stays that most cannot afford and care products in full,” added another user.

Mongchen immediately apologized for being “reckless” and posted a picture of what her body looked like. The “Seven Days After Birth” photo has since been deleted.

“It was very insensitive to me, and I can certainly see how it might give unrealistic expectations about how a woman’s body bounces back or how much time one takes after giving birth — it’s never my intention to do that,” she wrote.

The influencer explained that part of her job is to “constantly take pictures…whether it’s skincare, etc…I do this to assess if products/services/lifestyle changes are effective before recommending anything or writing a review.”

“But this time, it’s not an excuse—it was really indiscreet of me, and I want to apologize for that,” Mongchen said.

Meanwhile, her husband, Matthias Lim, gave the makeup a special shout-out, noting that the products also endured 19 hours of labor.

“I’ve been wearing this makeup for over 30 hours,” Mongchen added in the caption.

Netizens were equally impressed and commented, “Well, everyone said the obligatory congratulatory thing already. Ditto. But also, after learning you vomited so much and had an asthma attack, I have a newfound appreciation for your makeup.”

Others asked Mongchen to drop a makeup tutorial that she said was her “usual makeup look” and to “share the products used” in her stories. / TISG

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