Sam Smith’s “Unholy” Inspires TikTok Dance Challenge: Videos

After weeks of constant teasing on social media, Sam Smith and Kim Petras finally dropped their joint single “Unholy” on September 22. Ahead of the much-anticipated release, thousands of TikTok creators posted videos of themselves dancing to catchy bass. – The chorus is full, and in it Smith sings, “Mom doesn’t know Dad got hot in the body shop / Doing something unholy.”

Although many popular routines have been circulating on the app, 21-year-old choreographer Kevin Banner is becoming more mainstream, inspiring a challenge Petras herself has tried to do at home. Bannier’s dance begins with a strong strut and proceeds in a series of rapid movements as soon as the heavy bass falls. Fortunately, after several requests from his TikTok followers, he filmed a tutorial that was slowed down step by step so everyone could memorize it before hitting the club.

Meanwhile, TikTokers are using the song “Unholy” to record everything from thirst traps and dramatic clothing transitions to column dance videos and makeup transformations. Musically talented creators give their own performances of the song with a twist, like Amanda Sze’s saxophone cover, which got two emojis from Smith.

Read on to see Bannier’s helpful tutorial, along with our favorite “Unholy” dance challenge clips so far.