Riot Games to Self-Publish League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics in Southeast Asia

After a 12-year partnership with Garena, Riot Games will begin self-deploying League of Legends and Teamfight tactics across Southeast Asia in January 2023. In the years since Riot first launched League in 2009, the game has become a favorite of Southeast Asian gamers . Asia. By self-publishing, we will make sure that players in Southeast Asia have the same League and TFT experience as people who play our games around the world.

Over the past decade, Garena has been instrumental in growing the league community and we are grateful for their partnership. As Riot grows and expands into a multi-game studio, we continue to focus on serving more gamers around the world especially in the Asia Pacific regions. With this in mind, we have decided to end our partnership with Garena and publish our games ourselves across the Asia Pacific region. We have already self-published VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra, and League of Legends: Wild Rift in the region, and soon League and TFT will join them.

To ensure players have the best possible experience, we have ramped up our presence in Southeast Asia, which has some of the most passionate players in the world.

Our new structure in the Asia Pacific region will see our efforts expand into countries we already deploy to, such as Japan and India. In addition, we are also in the process of setting up new local offices in key countries including the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Gamers in these countries can look forward to having a Riot office focused solely on creating highly local experiences by customizing our games for audiences in each country and the region as a whole.

What does this mean for players?

Players will need to transfer their account from Garena to Riot. Welcome to Riot, once players transfer their account, they will receive a set of in-game rewards as a gift! Additionally, we are planning some welcome events and local activities to enhance the player experience.

We are excited to more deeply integrate Southeast Asian players into the Riot ecosystem. This includes everything from big in-game events and cross-product campaigns, to fan-favorite policies like art for RP, and much more.

Players will also have access to Riot’s deployment services such as localization, billing, and player support that will help improve players’ experiences in impactful ways.

How will immigration to riots work

As part of the deployment transition, Riot is launching new League and TFT servers across major Southeast Asian markets in January 2023. Garena’s servers will also be out of service at that time. To ensure that players transfer and retain their existing account data in a timely manner, Riot and Garena are working closely on an account migration process that will be open to everyone in November 18 2022.

A complete account migration tutorial and FAQ is now available on the account migration microsite. Players are encouraged to migrate their accounts as soon as possible to enjoy the full Riot experience with minimal disruption. The sooner you migrate your account, the more welcome events and bonuses you will receive!

Since some Garena social channels for League and TFT will be deactivated, please follow Riot and TFT’s new social channels for more updates on the transition and news about the games:

This means that once the season begins in League 2023, players will be ready for the full Riot experience. With so many talented players in the region, the race to be the first Southeast Asian player to reach the rank of Challenger will be fun to watch.

Our goal has always been to provide players with the best possible experience and we are excited for this next chapter of the league and TFT in Southeast Asia. Once the transition is complete, we will have many opportunities to bring the Riot experience closer to players in the region.

1. When does Riot’s contract with Garena expire? When will Riot officially restore the league?

Our contract with Garena will expire in January 2023. We will take over the publication of journals and TFT in Southeast Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and Vietnam) once the contract expires.

2. How can I play League / TFT to move forward? what do I need to do?

Both League and TFT will be available through the Riot multi-game client, which is a single login platform where all of Riot’s existing games are located. To download the multi-game client, players can go to

3. I reside in Southeast Asia, but currently play on servers outside the region (Europe, Japan, North America, etc.). Can I transfer my account to a Southeast Asian (SEA) server?

Yes, players based in Southeast Asia, but playing on accounts outside the region, will be able to transfer their league accounts to the SEA server. However, this is only one-way transmission. Accounts from other regions can be transferred to SEA, but cannot be transferred once completed.

4. What does it mean to go to my account ratings and my purchase history?

We want to make sure players can keep their account data, so Riot and Garena are working closely on the account migration process. Players can follow the tutorial on the mini account migration site to migrate their Garena account information to new or existing Riot IDs.

While we realize that the transition can come with hiccups and pains, we ultimately want to provide players with as smooth a transition as possible. Therefore, we encourage players to migrate their accounts as soon as possible.

We intend to help players retain the content of the main account, such as emotes, skins, heroes, and in-game currency through the migration process. Some of these items include but are not limited to:

  • cosmetic content: Don’t worry, your skins are safe! All cosmetic contents will be transferred. If you already have a certain skin on both accounts, we will give you a loot reward equal to the value of your cosmetic content. You’ll keep your skins, plus something extra!

  • loot inventory: All loot items and Essence Credits will be carried over and added to any existing loot inventory if you already have a Riot account.

  • RP: All RP purchases will be credited to your Riot account. If you have already made RP purchases on your Riot account, your final RP balance will reflect your Garena and Riot RP purchases.

  • Hero Mastery, Eternal, Level: You’ll still be able to carry your team with your favorite electric current! The stats for your personal heroes will be carried over in the transfer process.

  • summoner name: We know you want to keep your identity within the game. Your summoner name will be preserved if you play at least one game in 2021 or 2022.

  • Friends List: You won’t have to leave your team behind! We’ll transfer your friends list to your Riot account. But note that your list may not appear complete at first if your friends haven’t moved their accounts. Your friends list will be complete once all your friends have claimed their accounts.

Our player support teams are also ready to troubleshoot and support players. Early transfers will also allow players to participate in a range of welcome bonuses and events.

5. Will I lose my Garena League account during this transition?

Once the transition period ends, Garena League accounts will no longer be active. However, players can migrate from their Garena account information to new or existing Riot IDs by following the account migration tutorial and FAQ now available on Account Migration Microsite.

6. If I don’t transfer my account before December 31st, what will happen?

We encourage players to initiate account migration as soon as possible before restarting servers in early January 2023, to ensure a smooth transition. In the event that the account data is not fully migrated, compensation will unfortunately not be available for the loss of account data.

7. Can I convert unused Garena shells into Riot Points?

This transition results in new game servers and monetization methods to ensure players get an authentic gaming experience published by Riot. For this purpose, Garena Shells will not be eligible to convert to Riot Points but they can still be used in other Garena games.

8. Who do I go to with player support questions?

APAC League and TFT players can now contact Riot Player Support directly through the in-game Player Support function. Player support teams can also be reached via Riot Games Player Support.

9. In what ways will the Riot League/TFT experience differ from the Garena experience?

Our goal is to provide league/TFT players in Southeast Asia the same in-game experience as other league regions. We also aim to provide the meaningful engagement players expect from Riot both online and offline through in-game campaigns, easy access to mutual franchise events, and exciting off-game experiences including community and regional activities operated by Riot esports.

10. What benefits can players get from migrating all accounts with a single combat ID?

Players can look forward to a host of exciting welcome events and bonuses, and access to regional Riot deployment services including localization, billing, and player support, as well as local marketing activations and partnerships. In the long term, players can expect to enjoy a deeper integration of content within the Riot ecosystem, with exciting in-game and franchise campaigns to enjoy. Our goal is to provide players in Southeast Asia with the best possible player experience by unlocking access to the same in-game events and content as other league and TFT regions.

11. If I already have a Riot account to play VALORANT, Wild Rift, or Legends of Runeterra, will this change affect me?

If you have an account to play any of our other games, you will be able to transfer your Garena account to your existing Riot ID. The transfer of your account shall have no effect on your existing account and the data at our other addresses.

12. Will Riot compensate players for a lost purchase history?

Our goal is to maintain the smoothest in-game experience for players during this transition, and this includes moving purchase history through migration.

However, we are aware that there may be a narrow window for modification where player data may not migrate effectively. Our player support teams are ready to troubleshoot and support affected players.

Unfortunately, since your purchase history is linked to the Garena Services, we will not be able to provide compensation for the loss of account data. However, we acknowledge the impact this will have on your progress and will have a range of rewards returned in store for those of you who return to League SEA with newly created Riot IDs.

13. Will Riot work with local deployment partners in Vietnam and Taiwan?

Yes, we will announce local deployment plans in Vietnam and Taiwan at a later time. So stay tuned for the latest news by following our Facebook channels for League and TFT.

14. Will Riot continue to use the same payment partners offered by Garena?

While there may be slight differences, APAC League players can use the same payment methods currently available for VALORANT here.

15. Are there any price changes with the shift?

As part of the transition process, we will be reviewing the regional ASEAN/TFT rates to ensure parity with other regions’ services.

16. Will Riot take over the League esports competition from Garena, too?

Yes, as part of the transition, Riot will continue to operate the Pacific Championship Series and will take back ownership and operations of the Vietnam Championship Series. We are grateful to Garena’s partnership in helping us grow the League’s esports ecosystem.

This transition will help provide League Pro teams and fans with the most exciting and entertaining esports experience. We will share more information about esports in the future.