Ring Intercom smart intercom presented

IFA 2022 will witness many notable events in the world of technology. This year’s edition of the Consumer Electronics Trade Show scores above all for its multifaceted nature. After all, the focus isn’t just on innovations from consumer electronics, such as the bendable OLED TV LG Flex LX3. Regarding the smart home, you can also see some interesting gadgets. For example, the vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dreame presented its new flagship product in the form of the Dreame L10s Ultra. Since Amazon is also becoming increasingly important in the smart home segment, it is not surprising that the company is also represented by a new product. More specifically, its Ring subsidiary has unveiled its latest model in the form of a smart intercom, the Ring Intercom.

Perfect for rented apartment

Ring products so far are primarily aimed at home builders or apartment buyers who have to worry about their four-wall doorbell anyway. With the intercom ring now comes a novelty, which also understands itself with the already existing intercom system in the best way and takes advantage of this even. Ring Intercom can be easily connected to your existing intercom system to make it smart. You should also be able to talk to people on the go through the intercom. The WiFi connection of the smart intercom enables this.

Photo: ring

If you find yourself at home, Ring Intercom brings you more convenience to everyday life thanks to Alexa. After all, you no longer have to quickly run to the door to press the key to open the door. Instead, the new addition to the Amazon affiliate’s suite of products makes it easy to open the door via the app. This feature is also practical if you are still on the road and are expecting visitors. You can then simply give them access to your four walls via smartphone on the go.

Uncomplicated setup with Ring Intercom

Smart home gadgets also live from the fact that they can be integrated into the home network and used without much effort. This should also be the case with Ring Intercom. Here, you don’t have to set up a whole new doorbell system. Instead, the Amazon subsidiary promises to take you by the hand and guide you step by step in the application. Among other things, uncomplicated installation is made possible by the fact that the Ring Intercom comes with built-in batteries. Thus, you do not have to connect it to the power source. Another exciting feature that Ring Intercom brings is an Amazon exclusive. So the smart intercom should be able to open the door automatically when an Amazon delivery operator comes with a package.

Price and availability

Here you can test whether Ring Intercom (Official Website) is compatible with your intercom at all. If this is the case and you are interested in a smart intercom, you will soon be able to purchase it. It is supposed to go on sale as early as September 28, 2022. However, it should take another month for delivery. The Amazon subsidiary wants to offer a novelty at a suggested retail price of less than 130 euros. However, those who buy quickly will be able to save. In time for the market launch, the smart intercom will cost just under €100.