Rihanna’s Lip Liner-Gloss Duo Is Low-Maintenance But High-Drama

Rihanna, who was seen at an event celebrating the A$AP Rocky whiskey streak, doesn’t do much to dispel rumors that she is working hard on her long-awaited comeback album — which fans believe may fall soon with her Super Super. Perform the first half in the bowl. While she’s keeping the world guessing, though, she’s never been shy about trying out the shimmery eye shadows, fun hairstyles, and the season’s best lip color combinations. In fact, when Rihanna’s lip liner and gloss are mixed together, the gloss may usurp as well. The The fall lip look of 2022. In every sense, the vision is totally Rihanna—while life-size rumors swirl around, she’s gliding completely undisturbed and covered in every gorgeous beauty trend right now.

Seriously, Reh ticks all the boxes on this latest late-night look. Her hair, which was still in the process of growing out flabby ends earlier this year, is being styled into a cute side bang that will make The good girl became badLera is proud of Rihanna. Her lids feature a wash of what looks like a shimmering silver eyeshadow—an excellent harbinger of the white-winter glamor to come this holiday season—while a reddish-brown lip liner and shimmery topcoat add sheen to her matte makeup.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

By keeping the darker color focused on the outline of her lips, Rihanna makes them look plumper and more defined while doubling as the best party makeup hack—the lighter shade in the center means it’s not nearly as obvious when the color fades from eating or drinking. Repairs are super easy, and you don’t have to worry about product buildup either. It’s the hottest lip set of the season, but it’s important to remember where it originated. Although the look is loved by stars like Hailey Bieber—who, by some controversy, has dubbed it “glazed brownie lips”—the darker brown lip liner isn’t a new trend. Women of color – and black women in particular – have made looks a beauty staple ever since the least late eighties. And as Rihanna perfectly explains, it’s a charming lip gloss as well as a timeless one.

For an at-home look, select a color just a few shades deeper than your natural lip line—Reh chose a tinted version of red for a more autumnal look—and trace the outline. Using a finger or brush (and more liner if you need it), smudge the product for a seamless blended effect. Top with a clear gloss or tinted lighter or go the Bieber route and use Nourishing Lips Care A product or treatment that looks as good as it sounds. Any chance Rihanna could give us a tutorial on narration between songs at the Super Bowl?

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