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No matter where you’re headed, Big Brother is always watching. Their comprehensive view is embodied in the cold, harsh lens of CCTV cameras. However, its presence should not be seen by fear. No, instead, you should feel safe and at ease. Eye of the city He pushes these stereotypes as you take on the role of a control room worker.

Developed by SIG Publishing and posted it Ultimate Games SAThis is a crime fighting simulator title. Moreover, it contains some minor resource management elements and a lot of events to handle. However, its concept is very simple and its gameplay is straightforward. Besides, unfortunately, you will encounter some glitches and performance problems. Fortunately, although they don’t spoil the game, they just take the shine out of the final product.

When time is of the essence, you must step up and get help.
A medical emergency is never a good thing.

Eye of the city impressive.

I never imagined a CCTV operator job would be so exciting, but it is. in Eye of the cityCrime creeps in from every corner to keep you on your toes. As the responsible person, you must monitor your cameras and flag any suspicious activities. Moreover, crimes, accidents, and acts of terrorism must be reported and dealt with accordingly.

At first, use no more than 5 cameras. But as the procedure progresses, your voyeurism steadily increases. This is very important as crime is rampant at every crossroads. And accordingly, without your presence, you can neither help the victims nor bring the perpetrators to justice.

Lots of crime, events and technology.

Technology is a wonderful thing. As such, if you have the money, you can fully automate your network. However, this robotic utopia is a long way down the road and you have plenty of work to do before then. You have to install 3 types of cameras; Basic, semi-automatic, and automatic. The more advanced the technology, the more expensive it is. Next, you have to balance high-end cameras with greater coverage. This is not a feat, and there is no right or wrong approach.

At the start of each shift, you’ll buy new equipment, check out wanted criminals, and study each event. These usually involve specific offenses, so you should keep an eye out for arsonists, thieves, prostitutes, and more. By navigating each camera and moving the view, you will identify the ongoing crime and notify related services.

This is it Eye of the city Something small! Its concept is wonderfully basic, and this allows you to focus on each task. Effectively, you must reduce crime levels before expanding into a new area. Once this happens, you rinse and repeat until each area is opened.

Eye of the city It lacks the wow factor.

to say Eye of the city Looking dated would be an understatement. Her graphics are serviceable, but she lacks detail or unique style. Furthermore, there are limited character models, so they are visually repetitive. Moreover, the lack of contrasting tones makes identifying some crimes more difficult. Going forward, the developers need to improve the details and add more variety to make things interesting.

But the best is the realistic sound. I loved the siren’s roar, the environmental noise, and the crackle of every flame. The dynamic sounds add drama to the slow and methodical title. If I were to strive for improvement, I would say the unique noise of each site is a must. If this is implemented, the realism will be greatly improved.

City Eye asks you to contact the services related to each crime scene.
Report the crime and wait for the cavalry to arrive.

A better tutorial is needed.

Although the controls weren’t bad, there was a great deal of trial and error. This was disappointing, because a better tutorial would have overcome this problem. Regardless, the controls are pretty good once you understand them. Thus, it was surprisingly rewarding to move from one camera to another while scanning your area.

In its current construction, Eye of the city Likely to catch stagnation early on. Unfortunately, the lack of unique missions and events makes gameplay quite repetitive. If new tasks are added, or a deeper business model is introduced, it will undoubtedly enhance longevity.

Eye of the city Good, but needs more content.

I enjoyed the mechanics and gameplay a lot more than I thought I would. However, its lack of content is a major downside that needs to be corrected. In its current state, it’s fun and playable, but it could evolve into a lot better. For these reasons, I initially recommend you to buy them here! Can you turn on the cameras and reduce crime? Identify victims and criminals and seek help from emergency services.