Realm of Conquest Beginners Guide and Tips

Wargard: Realm of Conquest is a combination of Action and strategyA tower defense and arcade game. It is a game developed by Bullberry Studio. In this game, players have to select cards strategically based on their need to defend the tower or attack. Players can also shape their deck based on their preferred attack and defense type. In this Wargard: World of Conquest beginner’s guide, we’ll do a detailed walkthrough of the game and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

The first thing that the player experiences as soon as he enters the game is the tutorial. The tutorial guides the player through the basic action of the game and gives them the basic gist of the game.

Gameplay overview

Once the player enters the game, the basic battle modes of the game are displayed. The player can see enemy towers and land them with their own. In the land of players and opponents, players can see towers. Players are supposed to protect their towers and attack their opponent’s towers.

The Conquest World of the Wargard Beginner's Guide
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In the gameplay, offense and defense depend on the cards in the deck. The cards represent a few characters with a few types of attack abilities and a few attack skill cards such as fireballs or lightning. Some cards also consist of animals.

As the game progresses, players have to try to finish The main tower from enemy territory. The player who destroys it first is the winner. Even if neither player destroys the opposing player’s main tower at the end of time, the player with the least damage and the most attack points is declared the winner.

Introducing the basics of Wargard: World of Conquest

On the right side of the screen, players can see a card deck icon with a name a group. When players click this icon, they can go to a page where they can see their current battle deck. A Battle deck is a set of cards with different types of cards, which will be at your disposal as many times as players need during the duration of the game. Cards can be summoned depending on mana during the game.

Once mana is loaded and enough to summon a card, players have to tap to select and tap to deploy to the desired location on the ground. Or the player can drag and drop cards to the desired location. One or a few characters are deployed on each card and they can be directed towards a specific group of attackers or towards a specific tower. Spawned characters will attack the nearest threat even when they are directed at something else.

deck card
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On the lower right side of the screen, players can see a yellow icon that says battle. This is the main part of the game. When this is clicked, players can go to the battlefield and fight the randomly selected enemy. Or players can play with their friends as well.

Select mode

At the bottom of the screen, to the left of the battle icon, players can see an icon appear Select mode. In this section of the game, there are a few game mode options that players can choose from. This code contains maps and some special events as well.


At the bottom left of the screen, players can see a file Bonus icon along with the level bar showing how much players have finished with the current score. When clicked, players can see the location of the level and claim rewards. They can see the final and upcoming rewards as well.

a group

On the left side of the screen, players can see a file Icon with deck logo says Collection. This section of the game presents the battle deck. Here the player is given the option to select his own set of decks as per his choice. Players can upgrade cards in this section.

There is an option to let the game randomly select a set of decks. When you click the magic wand icon, the deck set is reset to a new set. In this section, the player can select the type of reflexes he can use on the battlefield as well. Cards can be categorized by rarity, level, cost, and nationality.

Other in-game features

  • Battle record: Down groups icon, Players can see the battle log icon with the map logo. In this, the player can see all the games he has played and the information about each match.
  • leaderboard: On the left side of the screen, players can see a file Icon named Leaderboard. In this, the player can see the global standing and locally. The locally ranked leaderboard shows the position of the player in his country.
  • Shop: Just below the leaderboard icon, the player can see a shop icon, where he can buy chests, resources, content, gems, and gold. A few purchases require real-time money, too.
Characteristics and features of Wargard: World of Conquest
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  • Player profileThe player can seePlayer profileat the top left of the screen. This icon displays the player’s profile picture, name, and rank. When clicked, the player can see statistics related to gameplay such as number of matches won, lost, played, cards found, and bonuses obtained. on it, etc. The player can change his profile name in this section.
  • friends: At the top of the screen, players can see an icon that says “friendsHere players can add friends and see the request they have received.
  • The menu bar: On the top right side of the screen, the player can see a menu bar represented by three lines. When clicked on, players can access options such as lessons, training, And the settings. Players can even join in-game feuds and leave feedback.

Wargard: A World of Conquest Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

The game instructions are very simple. But some tips and tricks may help you attack and defend better during battle and may help players choose better settings for the game. Here are some tips for the Wargard: World of Conquest beginner’s guide to help you, beginners, get started on your journey.

  • In battle, make proper use of the Reloaded’mana“.
  • Try to find out what type of attack the enemy is planning and choose the card appropriately.
  • While choosing your battle deck, make sure you have cards for all attack and defense styles.
  • While choosing a deck, make sure there are cards from all mana ranges that suit the gameplay appropriately.
Wargard Realm of Conquest Beginner's Guide
Image via Bolberry Studio
  • Memorizes Upgrade your cards.
  • keep pPlacing old cards with newly acquired cards.
  • If the enemy’s attack strategy does not allow the main player to attack the main tower and win, try to gain more points to achieve victory.

This game is a perfect match for you if you like strategy and tower defense games. So, feel free to give it a try, and never forget to refer to our Wargard: Realm of Conquest beginner’s guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all for us at Wargard: A Beginner’s Guide to the World of Conquest! You found our Wargard: Realm of Conquest Beginner’s guide Helper, helper, benefactor, benefactor? Let us know at comments!

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