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Chennai: The year 1994 heralded many pivotal moments in global entertainment. In February, British pop singer Harry Styles was born in Redditch, England. A month later, Justin Bieber arrived in London, Ontario. A few months later, in the same country, EA Canada released a sequel to the game that became very popular in 1993. They called it FIFA 95. For no apparent reason (to me, at least), every year since then, a FIFA game has been released. Why do they release a game every year? I wonder. Perhaps the rules of football change every year. Gaming graphics may have revolutionized esports within a short period of one year, and a simple software update will not suffice. I do not know why. This annual event is baffling, and I am waiting for the perfect explanation.

Anyway, I played FIFA 23 last week. Although I haven’t played the previous versions to any extent, I can compare it to other sports simulators. FIFA is probably the best in this very specific category. The tutorials are excellent for absolute beginners. For some context, all of my football knowledge comes from a TV show called Ted Lasso. Given this, FIFA 23 did an excellent job of educating me about the rules. I’ve learned to pass and shoot, run around, and keep goal with ease. Twenty minutes into the lessons, I also know exactly what infiltration is.

Aside from the network features and actual matches, there were a few additions that I was pleasantly surprised at in the game. It was helpful to understand the enormity of football because this game allows me to play as specific players in real life and as real coaches. Provided scenarios for decision making. I’ll have a budget, and I’ll have the opportunity to make reckless investments or expenses. You will then turn into character points, modifying certain aspects of the player’s skills such as their reactions, running speed, etc.

Eventually, this will turn into the main currency of the single player campaign: match results. I can also play dress up and decide the director’s clothes. In my heart, I think this is more than just a cosmetic change, and it affects the team in an unknown way. If nothing else, this game has definitely helped me develop a little interest in the franchise. If you don’t understand football and really like it, this game could be a good start.