Protein-Free Shampoo, Nail Growth Serum And More Currently Top Beauty Searches On Google: Spate

Less is more, and the same loops apply to shampoo. Consumers with curly hair are looking for a protein-free shampoo in an effort to preserve its bounce and body. Meanwhile, vitamins for hair, skin, and nail growth are falling behind on the topical solutions consumers seek to grow and strengthen their nails.

Protein free shampoo

Protein-free shampoos are on the rise—good news for those who are protein-sensitive or sensitive to protein, according to New York City beauty trend tracker Spaate. Protein-free shampoo is also the best choice for consumers looking to restore moisture and elasticity to dry, brittle hair.

On average, there are 1,900 searches each month in the United States for protein-free shampoos. That’s downhill compared to other shampoo searches, though searches are up 44.8% since last year. Currently, there is a market leader, Shea Moisture.

Consumers with curly hair are looking for a protein-free shampoo that can help curl curls maintain their shape, strength, and structure (searches for curly hair increased 4.7% compared to last year). Brand and drugstore searches indicate that consumers do not want to spend a lot of money or time on a product they might try for the first time.

Spate encouraged brands to continue to explore the effect of protein on hair and skin, and to consider creating other protein-free products.

nail growth serum

Searches for nail growth serum reveal that consumers are looking for a product that can help them improve their natural nails quickly.

There are an average of 2,700 searches per month in the US, which is a relatively average volume compared to other nail products. We’ve grown a 37.7% growth in searches since last year with one of the market leaders, Sally Hansen.

Nail Growth Serum is designed to support rapid natural nail growth and strengthen nails so they are less likely to break and split. Related searches to this product include best, DIY, review, works, homemade, after, and before. Searches for the best and reviews indicate that consumers rely on the internet to help them purchase nail growth serum. And searches for “does it work,” after and before, indicate that consumers are anxious or curious as to how effective nail growth serum is and whether it is an effective product or just a gimmick.

Searching for “DIY” and “homemade” indicates that consumers are also looking to try making nail growth serum at home rather than buying nail growth serum. Spate advises brands that wish to expand their product line to nail growth serum may have to stress the unique efficacy and value of nail growth serum, as consumers may not want to purchase a product that produces results similar to something they can make at home.

monolid eyeliner

The growing interest in mono eyeliner reveals that consumers are looking for beauty products specifically for the shape of their eyelids.

There are an average of 2,500 searches per month in the US for mono eyeliner, which is very low compared to other searches for makeup looks. It has seen a 79.0% growth in searches since last year. There are no market leaders in this field.

Gone are the days of ignoring the shape of the face or the shape of the eyelid when applying makeup. Apparently, one-size-fits-nothing continues as searches continue for mono (+16.0% y-o-y), hooded eyes and make-up (+7.4% y-o-y) and rolled-up eyes and make-up (+12.2% y-o-y).

Consumers are looking to the internet to teach them the best way to apply eyeliner to the eye with mono-solids and backed by data – there’s a rise in searches for the how and how, tutorial and how to apply. This reveals an opportunity for brands to feature this product in their instructional videos and educational content, along with other tools and products needed to recreate mono beauty looks, says the trend tracker.