Pokémon Black/White 2’s Most Disappointing Feature Has Great Potential

Pokéstar Studios positions itself as a puzzle-focused challenge mode, but ultimately it focuses too much on the wrong aspects of achieving greatness.

While PokemonIts fifth generation is often cited by fans as one of the best, and there are still some common criticisms that even the hardest Unova fan will agree with. Pokemon black and white And Pokemon black 2 and white 2 I tried a lot of things, and threw a lot of new features at the wall to see what stuck. For every well-received feature like the three-way battles and hard mode that makes these games feel so good to recreate, there was one that didn’t quite hit the mark. this feature black 2 and white 2Pokéstar Studios.

Managed by the appropriately named Stu Deeoh, Pokéstar Studios is a movie studio located in Unova that allows players to star in a wide range of different movies. These “movies” are really just fictional battles that feature some unique antagonists and minor dialogue choices. While the feature is generally considered one of the black 2 and white 2The Low Points Pokéstar Studios isn’t too far away from being anything but great. With a slight change in direction, the feature could be a highlight of potential 5G remakes.

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How Pokéstar Studios worked on Pokémon Black 2 & White 2

Pokestar Studios as seen in Pokemon Black 2 & White 2

After defeating Roxy, the captain of Unova’s second gym, players will be discovered by Pokéstar Studios staff. They will talk about how they saw the player’s fight with Roxie and how they think the player has the potential to star in a movie. After a long tour of the studio and a meeting with Stu Deeoh, the guys will have the opportunity to star in their first movie. The aim of these films is to hold the audience’s attention throughout the battle in order to make the film a box office success.

Interestingly, each movie actually has three different endings that can be achieved based on the player’s dialogue choices. Good Ending requires following the script and usually unlocks new films to shoot. A bad ending occurs if players make choices that contradict the script, such as if they act cowardly while playing a superhero. Finally, Strange Ending is unlocked if players deviate from the script in certain ways, resulting in the movie actually being more successful than it could have been.

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While it is possible for a player to use their own Pokémon in these movies, they will have to get the good ending of a movie with rented Pokémon first. Battles work a little differently too, as moves will always work whatever your damage max. Opponents will also use moves in a specific order based on the player’s scripted choices throughout the movie. The battles aren’t particularly difficult, though many of them have original enemy Pokémon designs that don’t appear again throughout the rest of the series.

Pokéstar Studios can be a great puzzle-like challenge mode

Hurricane fighting pokemon scary door

The idea of ​​giving players a pre-made Pokémon to beat a specific battle is a really cool concept. Pokéstar Studios doesn’t really capitalize on this idea much, instead focusing more on movies and scripts. This is unfortunate, as the feature could have been a really fun challenge mode if more attention had been paid to the battles themselves. The idea of ​​winning a battle under a very specific set of circumstances can be quite challenging for a trainer’s knowledge of the game.

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Midnight from Marvel It does something similar to this with its challenge missions. Players are tasked with defeating a group of enemies with a specific hero. Since each hero ability card must be played in a specific order, players need to consider how best to make use of the hero deck. If Pokéstar Studios took a similar idea and applied it to Pokémon battles, they could create a unique puzzle mode that hasn’t been done before in the main series.

A great example of this idea in action can be seen in the tutorial movie that players are asked to film after earning their second gym badge. The first movie has players wielding Riolu with an expert belt known as the Force Palm and Ice Punch. Players have to use the Force Palm on the first Pokémon and Ice Punch their opponent on the second, as the script calls for two super-effective moves to be used. There are hints that Pokéstar Studios was always meant to have puzzle-like elements, but that capability hasn’t been captured in the current iteration.

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Script objectives ruin Pokéstar Studios’ chance of being a challenge

Pokestar Studios movie room of Pokemon Black2 and White2

Part of the problem for Pokéstar Studios is the script’s specific requirements. Players have certain objectives that they must complete in order to get a good ending to the text. This includes things like using a super powerful move or intentionally letting a Pokémon faint during a certain number of moves. These goals are completely at odds with Pokéstar Studios’ strengths, taking away any sense of it being a puzzle or challenge. Which Pokemon is used in battle is less important when the goal is to lose a battle.

To the feature’s credit, the objectives are meant to cater to the idea that players will be filming multiple films in the same series. The objectives are supposed to align with the story being told in each movie, showing that Pokéstar Studios’ focus has been being able to shoot movies with player Pokémon as the stars. It’s an interesting idea, but it’s hard not to see what it could have been. Battles where there is only one way to win items players can craft for an interesting side-scroll mode, especially because it will challenge both casual and competitive players.