Panvel murder case: Man gave contract of ₹3 lakh to murder wife, says police | Mumbai news

Navi Mumbai police have arrested three people for the murder of a 29-year-old digital marketing professional who was found slaying her outside Banville railway station last week.

The husband and his girlfriend were arrested with the latter’s employer for their alleged role in the murder.

Police claim that the murder plan was orchestrated by six people. Except for the three detainees, the rest were gang members who got hold of a contract R3lakh.

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According to sources from the team familiar with the investigations, the victim’s husband, Devvratsingh Rawat (32 years old) has been in an extramarital affair with Nikita Matkar (24 years) since the beginning of this year.

Within months of having an affair, Devratsinghe and Nikita were married in a temple in August of this year.

Eventually, victim Priyanka Rawat learns of her husband’s marriage.

Nikita, who worked as a teacher in a private education program run by Pravin Judge (45) in Mancord, wanted to kill Devratsingh’s wife in order to live with the latter.

Then Nikita and Devratsingh approach Gadge to help them kill Priyanka.

Gad, in turn, introduced them to a band of Baladna living in Mumbai.

The three in the gang carried out the plan on Rawat’s instructions and then fled to Baladna. The contract was awarded to R3 lakh of them R2 lakh was paid. The case was resolved after the police investigated the details of the husband’s call log. The sources added that after finding pictures of Nikita and Devratsingh in his phone, the police questioned both of them separately and Nikita poured the beans.

“The murder took place on the night of September 15 at about 10 p.m. outside Banville railway station. The Panville Railroad Police Force provided CCTV footage of the incident to Panville police. With the night hours, the footage was not clear. The attacker’s face was not clear either,” Jasper said. Rana from Panvel RPF, we made everything available.

The accused was seen in the footage waiting for the victim, Priyanka. After she got out and was walking towards the parking lot, the accused was seen walking behind her and then cutting her neck from behind and then running away.

According to the police, the three accused who carried out the murder, were directly following her from Thane to Banville.

The three from Buldana have been identified as Rohit better known by the pseudonym Rawat Raju Sunoni (22), Deepak Dinkar Lokhande (25) and Pankaj Narendra Kumar Yadav (26).

Priyanka, a computer engineer, married for four years, started working for a Thane-based private company as a digital marketing professional a year ago while her husband was working as a sales manager at an e-commerce company.