‘Overwatch 2’ best heroes for beginners

After many years of waiting, Monitor 2 Finally here. Oddly enough, it serves as a direct sequel and also an iterative update of the first game. All your favorite heroes are here, but things have been tweaked to offer a whole new shooting experience.

While Monitor 2 It will undoubtedly bring back a lot of veterans, and it’s also a great time for new players to join in. The problem is that Overwatch is too complicated and cumbersome for someone to learn the ropes. For one, there are 35 heroes to choose from, each with their own set of skills, abilities, and attacks. If you don’t know your support characters from your tanks, it can be difficult to land a boss early on.

To help you out, we’ve picked three of the best heroes to use if you’re a novice player Monitor 2. We’ll explain why each is a great option to start with, and give some tips on moving forward with those first few matches.

Best Overwatch 2 Heroes for Beginners

Overwatch 2. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.
Overwatch 2. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

With 35 heroes to choose from Monitor 2You will want to know which one to choose as a beginner player. Fortunately, not all heroes were unlocked from the start, so things narrowed down a bit. Before we begin, it is highly recommended that you play with as much tutorial content as possible. Not only will this help you learn the game, but you will also be able to quickly switch between heroes to try them out. With that in mind, Here are the top three junior champions Monitor 2:

  • Torbjorn
  • soldier 76
  • Mercy

Try any of these characters at first, and you will most likely find the style of play that you like best. Now find out why each champ is a great choice for beginners.


Torbjorn stands by his skill information

Let’s start with Torbjörn. In general, damage class heroes will be the easiest entry point for new players. Monitor 2 It can be played as a fling, which is probably the most popular style of play for those trying the game for the first time. Torbjörn has a rivet pistol that can be used as a long range weapon to deal massive damage. However, it is not very good up close.

The main draw here is the turret skill, which allows you to drop a turret in key areas. You will slowly destroy enemies and even cause death. You can also tackle it with your hammer. It’s rather passive gameplay, where you can focus on bringing down towers and then move on. Once you build your Ultimate, you’ll unleash an array of molten metal. Covering the ground near targets is a great way to help your team fend off the enemy.

While you’ll be perfectly able to take kills with a rivet, using Torbjörn will show you the importance of identifying and pushing areas where enemies are likely to congregate. With the correct tower placement, you don’t even need to do anything to do damage, allowing you to focus on repositioning and building your Ultimate.

soldier 76

Soldier 76 stands by his skills

There is a reason Soldier 76 used the hero Overwatch 2′The first tutorial. It is very easy to understand for those who come from a traditional multiplayer background. It has a pistol with primary and secondary fire, an enemy button, and an ultimate ability that barely requires you to aim straight.

Soldier 76 may not be the most exciting among the heroes featured in Monitor 2But it can be really fun. Use his Swift Enemy to change position, enter and damage the Heavy Pulse Gun, then heal with the vital field ability. Spiral rockets are especially fun to use, and they will teach you how to do water splash damage.

Really, Soldier 76 episodes are really easy and fun, as you switch from primary and secondary shooting while charging your Ultimate. Once unleashed, any enemy in sight becomes a locked target. As long as you aim in a general direction, you will damage them. Try Soldier 76 to see the pace of the matches Monitor 2and the importance of using all the abilities and skills offered to you to recruit kills.


Compassion stands by their skills

Now to Mercy, which is a great option for those looking to find out why Monitor 2 Actually not really a shooter at all. As you can see, while the shooter style gameplay can be found in Monitor 2Things are more complicated. There is a hidden stream of free play styles that make up the team, and the support characters are very important and often overlooked. Playing Mercy is a great way to learn how you can win it Monitor 2and even be the best player on the field, without focusing on attacking at all.

Mercy is a healer, and with their Caduceus crew, you can either heal players or polish them from damage. Mercy also has some of the most diverse movement options in the game, capable of moving and providing support from above. Oh yeah, and you can revive your fallen teammates, which is crucial. While Mercy does have a blaster, you will only use it in the question.

Playing Mercy is all about navigating, managing the battlefield, and healing teammates who need it. Monitor the payouts and polish the damage to any of the team members on the front lines. Once your Ultimate device is charged, you can take flight and provide support quickly and securely. Note that you also have regenerated health, so immerse yourself in and out of battle, polishing and healing, to earn the most points. Your teammates will thank you!

This is the best Monitor 2 Heroes for novice players. For more information about the game, be sure to check out our 4-star review. We say: bold renewal, Monitor 2 It is a fun game and has a variety of clever mods that revitalize the game and package it for a new audience.”

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