Office worker builds own extension after watching YouTube tutorials

Scott Baggaley handled the project himself

He decided to take the project into his own hands (Photo: Supplied)

Scott Baggaley, 30, saved himself £35,000 after building a home extension on his own – simply by following his YouTube tutorials.

The new dad and his partner have purchased their first property, in 2021.

After purchasing reclaimed materials, Scott is shocked when he is quoted £45,000 for the cost of building an extension at the back of the house.

He also struggled to find any available local dealers.

As a result, he decided to take on the project himself and took to social media for guidance.

The 30-year-old, from Stoke-on-Trent, said: ‘As the market was so crowded, the merchant was fully booked, so I started learning from YouTube and picking up skills there.

“The biggest difficulty was managing my time around my nine-to-five job and my girlfriend, who just had our son.”

He also called in building inspectors to make sure his work was correct and within the law.

Before and after pictures of the house

Before the extension and completed project (Photo: SWNS)

The first major difficulty Scott encountered was when he started on the roof – which he admits was daunting.

The father added, “When I started the roof, it became difficult without professional staff. It is a skillful thing to do roofing work.

“I was afraid to go out because I didn’t know what to do.”

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He suffered another setback, when he accidentally drilled into concrete and hit a lead pipe, forcing him to stop work and repair the entire system.

But the office worker persevered and completed the roof, as well as the entire extension, in just six months and spent just over £9,000.

A breakdown of what I spent:

In a video montage, Mr. Baggaley detailed some of what he had to buy.

  • £583 CPR Building Regulations
  • £585 for a Structural Engineer
  • £110 on temporary door materials
  • £14 on mason’s trowel
  • £240 for bricks, bricks, sand and cement
  • £150 on hardcore and sand
  • £120 for segregation
  • £756 on Modulite Lightweight Medium Density Blocks
  • £2,028 on packages
  • £107 on DPC Drawer Will work on starter kits and air vents
  • £589 on wind base
  • £50 on aluminum brick profiles
  • £240 for cavity wall insulation
  • £228 on door and window sills
  • £280 for rafters and hangers
  • £60 for roof slats
  • £481 on roof tiles
  • £222 on lead roofing and sealants
  • £559 on skylight, accessories and delivery
  • £1,020 on door, window sills and handover
  • £296 on wraps and soles

In all, he saved over £35,000 compared to some initial bids, and added an estimated £30,000 in value to his home.

It should be noted, however, that the extension was not the first part of Scott’s construction work.

He previously built a beauty salon in his partner’s backyard to work from home.

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