New Valorant glitch helps players predict Operator bullets

Valorant has always surprised its player base with new features and, of course, glitches. With a newly discovered glitch, players can predict the trajectory of an agent’s next bullet and execute scopes without accurate ranges.

The Operator is Valorant’s high-performance sniper rifle that can take out enemy agents in one clean hit. Lack of rangefinding allows players to fire dry shots without using a zoom scope, thus increasing accuracy. It’s a tricky trick to pull off because the agent’s bullets are fired in random directions without a range.

Listed below are all the details about the new Valorant glitch.

Cypher’s brave bug can predict the trajectory of an agent’s bullet

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Valorant is a first-person shooter (FPS) that has become dominant in esports. The publisher has constantly tried to provide a balanced gameplay to the community. While the game is polished, it’s not unusual to encounter a glitch now and then.

Cypher bullet prediction factor

This brave glitch can only be implemented with Cypher. It uses Valorant’s unique mechanism to fire the “Phantom Bullet” first, which then provides a scopeless mirror of the trajectory of the next bullet.

Players can follow the steps below to try out this glitch for themselves.

  • Choose Cypher and buy an agent.
  • Move to the desired position and place Cypher’s Spycam where needed.
  • Switch to the Spycam feed and shoot an arrow.
  • Quickly switch from the spy camera and fire a shot. The weapon will appear tracked and scored on the map structure in the foreground without reducing the number of ammo. This is the dummy bullet.
  • The position where the bullet hit will show the trajectory of the next mirror from the exact but mirrored position.
  • For example, if your shot lands on the top left of the crosshair, place the crosshair on the lower right side of the original crosshair position. The resulting second shot will land directly on the target or where the dummy bullet’s original crosshair was located.

A video tutorial of the method is also available, which shows its success rate and verifies that it is an effective technique that can predict the trajectory of an agent’s bullet. This is not a feature implemented by design and only appeared after players tested the limits of the game.

More about dummy lead

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As the name suggests, there are no dummy bullets and it does not affect the total magazine ammo count in any way. However, they do leave behind bullet tracks and impact marks on map structures that have the Valorant community excited.

This method of predicting the path of a scaleless agent is unlikely to remain in the game because it was never meant to be there in the first place. However, it appears to malfunction as he fires the dummy shot and does not consider it the first shot.

Instead, it shows the position where the first bullet is supposed to land, which players can use to compensate for the orthogonal position and drop the exact first shot without rangefinding.

With this, players can address that glitch showing the trajectory of client shots without scope. Stay tuned with Sportskeeda for more in-game updates, tips and tricks.

Edited by Dinesh Rentley