New to the Survival Genre? Try These Games

It’s never too late to try a new game genre, and the survival genre is a great place to start, thanks to its overlap with many other game genres.

It’s never too late to explore a new game genre. Some guys have found a genre they enjoy and stick with without venturing outside their comfort zone, which is a good thing. However, other players may not know where to start. While there are many great genres out there, the survival genre is an excellent place to start because of its overlapping themes.

The survival genre is a subgenre of action games that contains other subgenres. These titles tend to be somewhat open-ended, with various entities trying to hinder the player’s progress. Players try to gather resources and build shelters or weapons to survive as long as possible. Some titles are pure survival, with players trying to last as long as possible, while others have some endgames that the player tries to reach.

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7 Days To Die is perfect for FPS fans

7 Days To Die A player aims a weapon at a zombie

7 days to die It is an indie game under the survival horror subgenre. In this title, players try to survive as long as possible in a world full of zombies. This game is excellent for players who are familiar with first-person shooter games because of the similar combat mechanic. While a large portion of the weapons in the title are melee, there are also guns and crossbows that the survivor can find to help fight off the zombie hordes. Besides fighting zombies, players must find and fortify shelters to help survive the nights when zombies are most active. They also can’t stay in one place for long – instead, they must cross the landscape to find better equipment and supplies.

Subnautica takes players on a strange adventure

subnautica base in the ocean

Subnauticaand her successor Subnautica: Less Than Zero, perfect for players who enjoy base building, exploration, and anything to do with the ocean. These games emphasize exploring the alien planet the player lands on while finding out what happened to the wildlife. Players explore the surroundings, collect various items to build a base, find food, and upgrade their vehicles to travel deep into the ocean trenches. During exploration, players encounter various aliens that can infect them and damage their vehicles. What makes this a great introduction to the genre is its great tutorial, guides, and its unique take on survival. Instead of Earth, it takes place in an entirely new world where the rules are turned upside down.

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The Jungle offers an interesting take on horror

Jungle player who encounters a mutant in the cave

Horror and exploration fans will love it the forestor its next sequel, Children of the ForestAnd the A great introduction to the world of survival games. Although it does not contain zombies, it does contain mutants and features a wild storyline for the player to follow as they try to survive and find their lost child. Players explore the island they crash on, and as they collect resources, they will start to notice that they are not as alone as they thought. Mutant creatures roam the island, seeing the player as their next meal. It soon becomes a race against time to build shelter and defenses before nightfall while searching various caves to find clues about what’s going on.

The survival genre is full of unique titles, which goes to show that there are many different things that make a good survival game. There are many overlaps that can help new players find something familiar, and open up another set of games they can enjoy. While each game has quirks and tricks that make it unique, survival games at their base are open world titles where the player encounters either enemies or possibly the environment, as in The long dark. These games challenge players to live from what they find and last as long as possible.